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Van Page Brown @HoosierDaddy, In Memoriam


One of the Regulars
Terribly sad news to hear. Whilst i personally didn't have many direct dealings with Van he was a long time friend of Aero and my Father. He has been a very active contributor on various forums and always given good advise, i know that he was a big part of one of the first "vintage leather" forums going back over 20 years that my dad was very active on.
He was also a very talented man and 20 years ago made us a beautiful had carved "appreciation" plaque that sits proud of place in our showroom. It celebrated 20 years of Aero and featured many images / quotes of not just Aero related topics but also some of my Dad's loves , including music, his AC Cobra that he had at the time.


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TLW '90

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sadly as a relatively new member who only recently decided to embrace my lifelong love of jackets I didn't really know or even have any real forum interaction with him that I can recall, but he has posted many beautiful jackets that I was envious of.
his presence on this forum will certainly be missed I'm sure.

on a side note I had to check on a different Hoosier Daddy of another unrelated forum I belong to, it was because of them that I first became aware of TFL and I suspected they could be the same person.


London, UK
I somehow missed this in the last couple of very busy weeks. I am sorry to hear of Van's passing. He was quite a character. A certain sort of old-school gentleman with whom I'm sure had we met in person I'd have agreed on much with, and civilly disagreed on much without bad blood. He certainly was already an established part of the furniture here back in 2007 when I first wandered in off the street. As is the case for many others, his photos of his Aero HWM were influential when I was trying to gauge whether to take the plunge (I did, and it's been one of my most worn jackets this last decade). I recall he lost his wife just a few years ago, and I hope they're reunited in a better place now.
Pasadena, CA
I came here looking for this as Van's passing was posted in VLJ.
Van was one of the OG guys I met here and on VLJ - maybe even COW too.
We had our share of online jabbing, and while he was a crusty fella, we liked each other well enough for two head strong stangers.
When I heard of his wife's passing, and his illness, I had a sense that this was going to happen sooner than later, as it often does.

Some of the best "friends" I've made online started with some heated debate, and this was no exception.
A good guy with solid knowledge and sharp wit.

RIP Hooiser

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