Vanson C2RN Cross Zip

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    And the purge continues. In my quest to refine my budding collection I’ve decided to move this Vanson piece. An exclusive version of the “Renegade” sold by a SoCal motorcycle shop called Butterscotch in Long Beach. Pretty much the same specs as the original except this one has a black satin lining rather than rayon and has a Butterscotch logo embossed. I bought this brand new last December for around $900 after tax. Wore it less than a dozen times and never on a bike.

    Very comfortable as it’s the Vanson deer-tanned cow leather so really soft to the touch. Here are the details from the Butterscotch site:

    Sized 38 and here are the measurements:

    21.5” pit to pit
    17.5” shoulders
    25” back length
    24.25” sleeve length

    Price is $625 shipped in US and Paypal by FF.

    Thanks for looking!

    CB8D5F0A-6C98-4CAF-B1C8-88FD06BB6B06.jpeg 657E6C31-C0AE-41AE-BAD7-87FBB2BC5147.jpeg DAFA1082-F170-428E-BBD8-46864A79720D.jpeg 52D547EE-B2B3-43E7-86BC-C3C8F6A5E06C.jpeg ACCFB049-BD46-4859-B94C-2854089D0D1A.jpeg
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    This is one handsome jacket. Fantastic photos, too.
  3. JCSD

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    Appreciate that!
  4. JCSD

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