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Vanson Daredevil recon thread... (Pics from owners please)


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Looking to add a slim fitting, moto-style jacket and am focusing on the Daredevil. I own a custom Board Racer that I purchased through Thurston Bros with plenty of help and inspiration from y'all.

I'm pretty damn slim, so no worries about the general fit of the jacket. The possible concern actually being the collar (gap). ADDRESSED TO DEATH, I know. However, I'm wondering how these Daredevil "collar gaps" have aged with wear.

I'd love to see some owners' photos of their Daredevils along with the leather type and a ballpark age/wear level of the jacket.

Thanks in advance!


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Although this thread has not received any replies as of yet, I did get some info from Carrie at TB. I addressed the thread's original intent and also inquired about a Daredevil in TB's Bainbridge leather offering. I've attached the correspondence from Carrie for the forum and to make this info available for future searches.

From Carrie:

"All of Vanson's crosszip designs, whether it's the Derby, the Junya jackets, the Daredevil, the Gambler, the Model C, etc. have the same collar design--it's the intentional and original design. We haven't had any customers find the collar design problematic in any way. While the collar can lay down with wear (and some molding), some customers will wear the collar such that it is a little more exaggerated...it just depends on how you like it!

If the collar design does bother you, you may want to stay away from Vanson's crosszip styles. However, the Daredevil continues to be a very popular style and may be exactly what you are looking for!

If you decide to stay away from the Vanson crosszips, you should consider our Aero Domino. It has similar styling, but the collar is fitted a little more closely to the neck. See attached photo for a beautiful example of a well-worn Domino!
We have a few Daredevils coming through production at Vanson in the Bainbridge leather right now...hopefully they are just a few more weeks out from delivery. The Bainbridge is a much more malleable leather than the Z150 (or any of Vanson's standard leathers), so training the collar to suit your preference should be much easier!

I spoke with Wade, my partner, about the so-called "collar gap issue" on the Daredevil. Wade said that the look of the collar comes about from Vanson's ultra-stiff leather on a new, unworn jacket. As the jacket breaks in, the leather will soften and fall more closely around the neck. Wade reiterated what I wrote in the previous email about this being a characteristic on all of Vanson's crosszip designs (including the Junya jackets). However, the fit around the neck will change as the leather breaks in. Furthermore, Wade has talked to Vanson about their crosszip design and collar fit, and Vanson said that they haven't had any complaints, even though they've delivered hundreds of thousands of crosszip jackets in the last 40 years. Wade also said that going with a slightly softer leather (such as the Bainbridge) would allow for the jacket to break in faster, therefore mitigating any perceived gap in the collar fit in a relatively short period of time."


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Ha. Thanks for reminding me I have a Vanson Daredevil. I posted it up for sale.. not sure if it meets the required measurements, but at least you can see how Daredevils age.

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