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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tobler, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. tobler

    tobler New in Town

    Catch and release from this post
    I love Vanson's buttery soft "E-150" black cowhide leather. The weight is just right not too heavy but soft and think. The armor pattern is also eye pleasing which is another big reason I bought it. The bi swing arm back provides a lot of movement for this slim fit jacket which usually don't exist on many jacket trying to be slim fit. cCO7B93.jpeg rOyJ4RO.jpeg 3M5G3DE.jpeg SwbeLo4.jpeg Se895NJ.jpeg cbw7Eyp.jpeg TsQH7hB.jpeg I will say it is a slim Medium and would keep it if chest is half an inch bigger.

    PTP: 21"
    Back: 25"
    Shoulder: 18"
    Sleeve: 26"
    Waist: 19"

    $550 shipped via PayPal F&F to CONUS
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  2. danilo

    danilo New in Town

    if you're open to offers I may be interested.
  3. tobler

    tobler New in Town

    sorry it is sold.

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