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Vanson vintage Enfield ? white label size 44 $400

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by classicinjection, Sep 13, 2018 at 3:04 AM.

  1. classicinjection

    classicinjection New in Town

    So I bought this a while ago it’s a great looking buckskin colored Vanson Model? After talking with David at Vanson it was probably made in the 70’s. There is no damage to the leather or the liner and all the zippers work. The main zipper is a huge Talon zipper. There is some water marks or stains which you can see in the pictures. It has snaps on the collar tabs.
    Recently conditioned with Vanson leather conditioner. Gathering funds for a steerhide Highwayman.

    Pit to Pit- 22”

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  2. classicinjection

    classicinjection New in Town

    No comments, is the price to high? Trades would be a slightly smaller brown chomexcel Aero steerhide Highwayman.
  3. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    No one can tell you what you should price it at, personally I think it's priced a bit high. I know I had a similar Vanson (in fact exactly the same minus the collar) and I sold it for $225. I'm not saying you should price yours that way but that was at auction in 2012...I've always found the white label jackets command a bit less money as the earlier hides aren't as robust...this is just my opinion and experience however. You may find someone willing to pay your asking price, but it may require a bit of patience. It's a very cool jacket.
    Typically used Aero sells for around $500 on the bottom end so a trade for an Aero may not be realistic, I suppose it depends on condition. Of course this is all merely my opinion...there's a slew of used Vanson being sold from Japan on ebay right now for double the price when new, so, who knows...
  4. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 One Too Many

    I just sold a black 1980 Enfield here (via ebay) for $280. Good luck with your sale, it's a cool, unique jacket...
  5. classicinjection

    classicinjection New in Town

    Thanks guys, i appreciate the honest opinions from you guys and the heads up on the price.
    So the price is obviously negotiable and I would add cash as needed to any trades.
    I hear the search for the perfect jacket is never easy and even custom jackets fail sometimes. It seems like I’m in between sizes maybe? The two Vanson 44s I have are a little big in the shoulders but good in the chest. The Simmons Bilt roadster 42 is perfect in the shoulder but tight in the chest.

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