Vanson x Left Field Commando M $450

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by gmcd, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. gmcd

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    United States
    Vanson x Left Field Commando size medium. I wore this jacket a lot the first few months after I got it but have since acquired 4 (I think) others including another D-pocket so this isn't being used. Jacket has scrapes and scuffs from use esp on the forearms and the Navajo lining is prone to snags so there are a few. I've tried to depict both issues.
    Asking $450 PPFF shipped conus
    Approximate measurements:
    P2P: 23.5”
    Hem: 21”
    Sleeve (around curve): 26”
    S2S: 20”
    Length from bottom of collar: 27”
    IMG_9233c.jpg IMG_9234c.jpg IMG_9235c.jpg IMG_9236c.jpg IMG_9237c.jpg IMG_9238c.jpg IMG_9239c.jpg IMG_9240c.jpg IMG_9243c.jpg IMG_9244c.jpg
  2. mjunderw00d

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    Great piece for a great price! I’ve got my own Commando and absolutely love it. Someone will scoop this up in a heartbeat. Best of luck!

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