Vintage Knox (soft) Bowler Size 7, near mint outside

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Nat Parkinson, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Nat Parkinson

    Nat Parkinson New in Town

    IMG_0363.JPG This is the same hat I'm wearing in my profile pic - can't seem to figure out how to embed photos and PhotoBucket is acting up today.

    The only signs of age or wear are some tolerable rust colored stains on the front of the white satin lining. Has a plastic insert over the logo in the crown, which I will assume dates this to somewhere in the 1950s.

    I just won an utterly brilliant Henry Heath (circa 1880) Bowler on the Bay, and need to offset some of that cost.

    Yes, I'm new here, but I have about 700 eBay positive feedback as "rscmaine" and thousands of posts and transactions on Timezone, The Rolex Forum and WatchUSeek, with references everywhere.

    I'd like to get $50 (or best reasonable offer, of course) for this and I'll split the $18.90 Priority Mail cost - so figure $60 gets it to your door. (CONUS Only, please, and PayPal only please)

    Email me for close up photos (also my PayPal account address.

    I've lurked here without signing up for quite some time and learned a lot of cool stuff.

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  2. Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts I'll Lock Up

    milford ct
    Come join us in the Hat Forum. :)
  3. Nat Parkinson

    Nat Parkinson New in Town

    Well heck...let's drop the price to $35 plus shipping (now firm)

    $45 all in for a clean Bowler? That's a helluva good deal! :)

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