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Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

Deeeluxe Definitely

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$110 is great. If it was a 44, I'd buy it in a second. Excelled like this is... You don't see very many of 'em like that. Schott NEVER looks like that & I know you're off put by the mismatched grain but it's exactly that kind of look to the jacket that reminds me why I love them.

Most 60's Schott jackets you'll find online have embossed snaps but I'm not sure about before that. The whole 1950's Perfecto deal is shady, anyway.
Haha, you've almost got me sold. It does give it character, and besides, it's not like these jackets are symmetrical anyway.

I do like that the grainy epaulet is on the smooth side, and vice versa. Balances it out.

The seller got back to me with the measurements, and it seems like it should be a similar length but much less boxy than my 38 ICS, which seems ideal.

Even the fact that it has a pin in it isn't a big deal. I'd never put a pin in leather myself, but since the damage is done, I can remove the Honda pin and put in the Ohio flag pin that I currently have in my black denim vest.

Really considering it.


I'll Lock Up
That's just how I call these jackets in general, something I picked up from the French. I don't think there's an official term for these... Lancer front, cross zip, diagonal zip, biker jacket, etc. all work just as fine.

Japan? In short, they're huge on fashion and clothes. As simple as that. :) They got into these leather jackets long sooner & more enthusiastically than the rest of the world.

Wait, this one is $300? That is a lot... It's a beautiful jacket but I'd only drop this kinda money on it if I was 100% sure this is it.

Yeah, any jacket front with the 3-pocket design (2 hand warmers/varying angled chest) and a ciggy pocket with just the flap (not a patch pocket) = Perfecto in my mind.

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