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Water boilers - talk to me please!


New in Town
Cornwall, UK
So we have a lovely 1920s Beeston solid fuel water boiler in our kitchen, which is swept but never used. (We've lived in our house for five years and we've used it as a heater but nothing more.)

It's got a double skin where you fill it with water and then the water heats up around the body of the boiler. It means, though, it's not very efficient as a heater cos there's an air gap between the boiler and outside, and we're wondering whether it would be more efficient to use it as a water heater (so the hot water in the jacket acts as a heater as well) or whether just to decommission it and replace it with a normal boring radiator.

Has anyone had any experiences of either refurbishing or using a vintage water boiler?


I'll Lock Up
My mother's basement
I’m entirely unfamiliar with this sort of thing, as I’d imagine most of my fellow Yanks are. Have you had any luck finding answers elsewhere?