Wesco x Ship John Tombstone Boots 10.5E

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MellowVelo, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. MellowVelo

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    Hey Y'all

    Pair of slightly used but with a lot of wear left in them Wesco x Ship John boots for $525 (shipping included to the lower 48).

    I have made no attempt at cleaning or treating the boots as they are veg tan and will age beautifully with wear & time (see included pic with a well-aged SJ veg tan wallet for reference). If you're looking, you likely know the details. The last runs narrow on these so for sizing reference: these fit me perfect and I wear 10.5D in Red Wing Iron Ranger and Blacksmith, 11D in Lucchese, and 11 in Chuck Taylors.

    upload_2021-7-22_17-10-0.jpeg upload_2021-7-22_17-10-13.jpeg upload_2021-7-22_17-10-30.jpeg upload_2021-7-22_17-10-52.jpeg upload_2021-7-22_17-11-14.jpeg upload_2021-7-22_17-11-50.jpeg upload_2021-7-22_17-12-9.jpeg Wesco X SJ Boots_9.jpg Wesco X SJ Boots_10.jpg Wesco X SJ Boots_11.jpg
  2. photo2u

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    claremont california
    Love the color!
  3. GW KY

    GW KY Practically Family

    these sold?
  4. MellowVelo

    MellowVelo New in Town


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