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    Hello all, I generally don't wear Western wear, however a few of my friends are 'country' and I enjoy having a nice outfit it two no matter the destination. I have plenty of nice jeans, picked up a great 6X Beaver hat for a song, but am having the darnedest time trying to find boots that got well.

    My biggest problem is the calf, I've lost a significant amount of weight, about a 120 pounds, but I'm still a bit guy. I was always active. So I would walk and hike at 420 pounds. This made my calves HUGE. And even though I've lost a bit of weight, I cannot find boots to go over my calves. I've been doing calf raises at the gym bc I don't want to lose the tree trunks I built by being fat, but there isn't much more fat around my legs to lose either. Any one have any tips on sizing for those of us with big legs? Thanks all!
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    That's a real struggle and not one I've had to deal with. Sounds as if you've been to a brick and mortar and tried boots on. If this is the case you know stock boots are out. Custom as in MTM is what I would reccomend but that can be cost prohibitive but with that being said, the options I'm aware of will be costly anyway. One thing, most boots with a 12" top don't interfere with the calves much, unless yours start at the ankle.

    There are makers that offer custom boots, though not MTM. Lucchese, Black Jack, Stallion and Rios of Mercedes come to mind. They all have a web presence and offer different toes, heels and such on orders. They may also be able to accommodate your tree trunks. Also, some of those makers may offer a particular model in a shorty or pee-wee that would work. Good luck.

    There is also a cowboy boot thread here. I would post further questions there. The mods are likely to move this there.
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    Look for boots with a deep scalloped top. For factory boots I’ve found Ariat to have generous tops. Not great boots but for occasional wear they would be fine. I’ve also slit the tops of cheepo flea market boots before that were super narrow.

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    My wife has a pair of Frye riding boots that were very narrow in the shaft and not comfortable to wear. She took them to a boot maker and got him to slit the leather at the top/inside edge down about 4" and insert elastic. With western boots you could do this both front and back or side to side to give you the room you need.
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    +1 on this suggestion.
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    There are also short shafted boots that should end before your calf starts.

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