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What are your sunglasses of choice?

Dredgen Yor

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Sunset Beach, California
those looks sick ! I wouldnt be able to pull a white frame off but it suits you well Big advocate for JMM myself, would love so see some more if you have any!
I only have one Jacques Marie Mage, if I may, Loewy in lava with saint laurent Bowie fedora (2016fw)


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Some gas station aviators and Tres Noir 101s:


Shady Spex is another good budget brand, but right now I’m hunting for a either a copy of the OG B&L Wayfarers or a modern copy (with the original frame to arm angle that most copies miss).


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Any time I buy sunglasses (which not often), I make Sure I’m buying good quality, polarized lenses.

Maui Jim and Ray Ban are my favorites and IMHO offer great eye protection from harmful UV rays.

Popeye Doyle

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I just purchased a set of Randolph 23K Aviators. These are the most expensive set of sunglasses I have ever owned but they have a lifetime warranty on the frames so I thought they would be worth it. I have a set of of American Optical aviators also that I’ll now just regulate to riding my motorcycle. I have had them for years and the temple piece is cracked on one side but they still work. The Randolph’s have polarized lenses which is nice. Sorry no pics I‘ll try to snap one later

Agent Black

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Oakley Fives 2.0 were my all time favourites, I think I have a wrapround shades shaped head. Recently I've been moving away from the off duty cricketer look though.

Holidays in Italy have got me daydreaming about driving down the Amalfi coast in a Lancia Aurelia covered in Acqua di Parma and smoking myself to death, basically "The talented Mr Ripley" without the body count. I step change was picking up this pair of assumed genuine* Persol's off Ebay for £13. The broken frame took a couple of minutes to fix with a tiny screwdriver and a box of replacement screws cost me another £2 or so with some replacement nose pieces thrown in.

*They have the famous flex built into the arms but no arrows. Current catologue doesn't show anything similar.


London, UK
I'm sure I've probable posted this before, but while I do own a few pairs of Raybans (all in storage currently - I stopped wearing them when I got glasses I like and so consequently no longer wear contacts with any regularity), my main sunglasses for several years have been these:


I'm not normally a fan of aviators, but these being so much more rounded in shape, rather than the teardrop style I more often see, appealed immediately. Specsavers around early 2017, if memory serves. Seemed at the time an indulgence to get a pair of prescription sunglasses (as distinct from photochromics, which I also have), but I've had so much use out of them, they're great.

I'm due at the opticians again next week and I know they don't currently have any frames I like, so once I get my prescription I'll be going online. Have my eye on a pair of these:


I've got a couple of pairs of these (Shuron Ronsir Zyl) already, but I very much fancy one of the sunglasses clip-on pieces. Handy to have as the shade lenses don't then need changed any time my prescription has to change.


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I only have one Jacques Marie Mage, if I may, Loewy in lava with saint laurent Bowie fedora (2016fw)
Those are lovely frames but 1 of the knocks I've heard about JMM is that they often feature tints too light to offset sun glare well. Yours appear rather light, too. I'll never discover that for myself given their huge prices however.;)


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I have a pair of pretty old Ray Bans that look a bit like the sunglasses Lennon is wearing in The Beatles Rain video. They are in superb condition and I wear them a lot. I can't find any info on them but they are my favourite. I have a few other pairs of RB. Black plastic aviators and tortoiseshell square ones. That pretty much does me. I think someone told me they old pair I have are signets or something. havent seen another pair to compare.


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I have a pair of Harry Palmer Ipcress File skelpers as my ordinary glasses. I've always been of the opinion that if you have to wear glasses then make it bloody obvious

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Nothing particularly fashionable because I'm really not much of a fashion type ( really just here because I love American made jackets and American made boots ) but my go-to are the now discontinued US MADE Revo Heading X re4058.
They have a current facsimile made in Italy , but they're no longer American made.
I was gifted a pair years ago and loved them, but they got really beat up and are now my beaters I wear at work.

This is the only pic I had on hand I think it might be my first pair.

I go with Fuse polarized lenses for my replacements
I don't know where they're really manufactured but they are at least cut in Florida.
They always include a nice microfiber drawstring bag and hard shell case for the lenses too.

I have sat on them many times, the frames and hinges are very durable.
The Fuse lenses seem great to me but I don't have much experience with other quality sunglasses.
These were my first and I will probably look for another pair here soon and order lenses so I have them when the time comes.


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I've got a couple of pairs of these. A 60s pair that have a more brushed finished and a 90s pair like these. They are my favourite Ray bans by a mile. I have others I sometimes cut around in but those are the only metal frames I wear


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Retinal photo-receptor cells are uniquely adapted to function over a wide range of ambient light conditions. However, prolonged intense visible light exposure can lead to photo-receptor cell damage.

By a stroke of luck it was discovered, early on, that the retina in my right eye was susceptible to sunlight, that stroke of fortune continued when my optician showed me my first pair of photochromic lenses.

Nowadays the improvement with photochromic lenses has come on in leaps and bounds.
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