What do you consider vintage colors?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by RockabillyRosie, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. RockabillyRosie

    RockabillyRosie New in Town

    When picking out your clothes and lipsticks and such, what do you lean towards? Pastels? Reds, blacks, blues? Are you blonde, brunette or black haired? I can't decide if I like my reds and blacks more or my pastels although I know I don't look as great in pastels unfortunately.
  2. Joie DeVive

    Joie DeVive One Too Many

    Welcome RockabillyRosie! I see this is your first post. :)
    I think vintage colors vary pretty widely based on what time period you are interested in reflecting. Just like today, colors went in and out of style.
    My vintage and vintage inspired clothes lean heavily into white, black, red, navy, but then so do my modern clothes. I'm a brunette with fair skin, I think what they call "a winter", and those colors favor me.
    But there are time periods that favored mustards and rusts, times that favored corals and hot pinks and times that favored reds. It all depends on the year. :)
  3. Miss Sis

    Miss Sis One Too Many

    Yes, it completely depends on the era as to what was considered fashionable, although there were colours for everyone, just the same as now.

    I would also say it depends on whether you are talking day or evening clothing and the time of year, etc.

    I go for 1930s and I suit Autumn colours (Dark Blonde, Fair skin, brown eyes). They are great for Autumn and Winter but I wear lighter colours including coral for Summer.

    The best thing is to choose colours you like that look good on you. Other than that, no particular need to restrict yourself. :)
  4. rubyredlocks

    rubyredlocks Practically Family

    For me, it depends on my mood and the season. I'm more classic than truly vintage, but Spring is when I really start to crave color.

    Now, if an event is set in a particular era that's when I do more homework and try to stick with a palette appropriate to that era. Although, that's not always the case.
    For example: when I attended VLV a few years ago I decided to wear mostly pastels, and brighter colors in honor of Easter.

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