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What do you make of this?


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No, I mean I expect some jokester here to photoshop my face from this image into the one that the OP made.

The fangs are au naturale. -_- My grandmother had really pointy incisors as well... always looked like she was going to bite my mother's neck in family photos.

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I've just decided to switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we've learned it. But since today is Tuesday, it doesn't matter in the slightest.


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Ok then, I guess it's time for me to pull the curtains and tell what a lot of people already guessed. Yes, it's staged but up to a certain point.

The part of the story where I shoot images with three cameras is true, although I did use my own non-IR Rebel XT more than the two others. Essentially, the first two pics of the post are true. On with the juicy part.

It was a time when employees and volunteers of the Museum all played role of ghosts, wandering around and delighting (or frightening) visitors. During that week-end more than 2500 people had come. One of the girls and dear friend of mine, was dressed victorian-style and looked quite ghostly so I decided to take a few pics of her around the place.

One of those places was the Neuville slepper car. That part of the story is also true; constructed for the Canadian Pacific in the late 19th century and is mostly kept in it's original state. So me and my ghostly friend hop on the sleeper car and it's then that I decided to take the infamous pic of her looking at herself in the mirror, holding a doll. Basically, her makeup along with the light reflecting from outside the window and then into the century-old mirror, all combined to create a strange effect of light and shadow.

Here's the original, un-retouched photo as it appeared straight out of my cam:


To achieve the ghost effect seen at my first post, I had to cleverly work the pic in Photoshop; applying layers, re-creating the IR look using filters. So, unlike some of you believed, there are no dollar-store masks here; just a cute girl with ghostly make-up and a creative use of light/shadows effects. Wait, you're probably looking at the pic and asking yourself: "That's a cute girl??????"

Absolutely, as you can see in this pic taken moments we boarded the Neuville sleeping car:


Here's my ghostly friend again, this time without all that ghoulish makeup.


Well it was fun for the [short] time it lasted.

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