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What hat are you waiting for today?

Central California
I’ve seen this for a long time and today I made the seller an offer that was accepted. It’s a great green and since it’s already missing it’s sweatband I think it will make a fun project hat.

Southern California
In spite of the discussion of wool hats a couple of pages back, I pulled the trigger on this Gamble & Gunn "New Orleans" Pork Pie:


Curious to see what color it really is because their website lists it as "Slate Grey", but it looks tan in their photos to me. Two things are certain--first, it'll be a little too large for a snug fit; second, that feather is getting plucked. Other than that, we'll see. Not my first wool felt, probably won't be my last.
Well, my luck is still holding. I received the hat I ordered from Gamble & Gunn yesterday. Was it grey? Was it tan? Nope. Black. They sent me a black hat. And eBay's "returns" feature is demanding at least one photo, so I'll have to do that tomorrow...well, later today. :(


I'll Lock Up
Thanks Joe. Yeah ... just hoping the size is Punti (based on the overall dimensions they listed and a couple other clues) or I'm going to have a tiny display hat. I figured I can recoup my costs if it comes down to that need.
I’d say you have a good chance. Seems hats smaller than 6 3/4 are about as rare as hats larger than 7 5/8.. though admittedly less desirable.