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I started my hat journey with a two for one purchase of new Scala hats, a black trilby and a black Homburg, both stiff wool, of course. I wore the trilby all winter (nice and warm) and the Homburg on a couple of occasions that had me dressed up (one of the kid's remarked, Uncle looks famous), but it is an awkward fit (tight front to back but wide on the sides, even with some sizing tape under the sweat). I've been looking for a bargain fur felt Homburg in the right size (7 3/8). If I find one I'll bring the Scala to a flea market, if I don't I'll try steaming it and re-shaping the fit, but I don't have a lot of faith in steaming the wool -- I'm afraid I'll just take all the starch out and ruin it.
Nice, Bob.

Did you not get the black Stetson with The Fray sweatband? I bid early then forgot to go back at the end…I looked at it for days then dropped the ball at the end. :mad:

No, I was in there until the end, but just couldn't justify it for a that hat doesn't fit. I could have maybe flipped it for a bit more, but needed the funds for an upcoming vacation and there was not time to turn it around. I would have saved on shipping though!

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