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What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

Funkytown, USA
Out for some Tex Mex with a colleague under the Frunoliner. And my Thomas Magnum aloha shirt.

Wind. Enemy to hat guys throughout time. Firefighters, too. My brother is one.
I like the Huckel best, though they all look great. That outfit with that hat is top tier! I don’t have any reason to be in a suit very often, but enviously, you guys sure bring men folk up!
Thanks, Randall. Men in suits don't build or fix things and the world needs men who can do that! That Cavanagh looks great btw.

I'm sorry for the windblown scrape... collateral damage we face when sharing stuff with our hat friends. I can still remember every popped stitch I've caused hunting for clues behind sweatbands. As always, many thanks for your excellent photos of beautiful hats.
Thanks, Alan. This was one I saved from oblivion, but I like my hats to stay in as good a shape as possible. Hate to see such wonderful craftsmanship damaged because of my thoughtless bumbling. Looks like it's still perfectly wearable though.

Gorgeous hat. As long as you can still wear a velour, you should!

Couple o’ straws for the past few days. Montecristi ultrafino, Dobbs Milan, and Texas Hatters Cuenca bowler— my three go-to straw hats. View attachment 339890 View attachment 339891 View attachment 339892 View attachment 339893 View attachment 339894 View attachment 339895
Good looking straws, Jeff. The ultrafino wins for me.

Very nice, Bill.
Wonderful hats Stefan. Pity about the Penumbra. At least you got to wear it in all its glory.
Thanks, Joe. It's the damage to the craftsmanship that bothers me most.

Wore this’n to church tonight. ain’t skeered. View attachment 339955
It may have put the fear of God into the rest of the congregation though. Wonderful.

1930's Stetson Standard Quality Feather Weight
View attachment 339982 View attachment 339983

I feel like my Borsalino MGL is one of my most versatile hats. Comfortable enough for me in shorts and a tshirt. With enough attitude for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul at Hard Rock Stadium. My awesome daughter managed to score some sweet club level seats for my son and I. A fun time for sure. And we had about a whole section to ourselves.

View attachment 340055 View attachment 340062 View attachment 340063 View attachment 340064 View attachment 340065 View attachment 340066 View attachment 340067 View attachment 340068 View attachment 340069 View attachment 340070
Those are the best hats.

Very nice. I like the contrast.

An antique parabuntal hat body that I had dreams of blocking and finishing myself. Happy that reason triumphed over fancy... Graham Thompson did a fine job (about 8 years ago). Hard to appreciate how light this hat is - 1.8 ounces on the scale, much of which is sweatband and ribbon.

View attachment 340089

View attachment 340093

View attachment 340091

View attachment 340092

View attachment 340090
Unique and the lightweight king. Wonderful.
Today's selection for your consideration is my Optimo Deaborn fedora in black with a charcol ribbon. The feather may be a bit too much and I may change it or remove. The weather, while clement in the Bay Area, is cool and breezy so felt hats can be worn.

View attachment 340211 View attachment 340212
Very nice. Black hats deserve some love here.

Nice one. Good looking felt.

Our living room and front yard for the last couple of days as we took some well needed time to clear our heads and celebrate my wife’s birthday.

View attachment 340393 View attachment 340394

Two of my favorite beach hats made the trip

Lee Smartlee
View attachment 340380

Borsalino Debrosan
View attachment 340382

Good morning sun.

View attachment 340400
View attachment 340390

Happy Birthday To this lovely wonderful lady.

View attachment 340391
Happy birthday to your wife. The Lee looks like the perfect beach hat.

Brent Black Montecristi

View attachment 340416
Beautiful hat, Bill. Nice tight weave.
Enjoying summer! Schwinn bicycle helmet in medium gray for my son and Hufvud Bogart for me.

View attachment 340527

Have a safe and blessed day.
Great pic and great hat, Steven.

The Death Valley 49'ers BOP providing full living room protection.
View attachment 340569

This is the second day of posting hats from my brown phase of hat selection. An Optimo Manhatten fedora in light brown this time. It is a very light felt hat and can be shaped fairly easily.

View attachment 340682 View attachment 340683
Beautiful hat. Nice shape to it.


I'll Lock Up
Happy birthday to your wife. The Lee looks like the perfect beach hat.
Thank you Stefan. She had a great time. The Lee really is a great beach hat. I had considered taking a Panama.. but I’ve found my more rigid straws tend to act like a sail in windy conditions. These ultra thin felts bend more easily which made it more likely to stay on my head with the strong wind we were getting off the water. The thin felt and light color still kept fairly cool. Last time I remember it did get a dunk in the water but it was because I misjudged the height of a wave and got drenched not because it flew off.

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