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What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?


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Rainbow country car coat

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-19 at 13.03.10 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-19 at 13.03.10.jpeg


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No, the pattern is fine. Super comfortable, easy to wear. Maybe it's too light or maybe I'm not a goatskin person. Maybe it's just that the better is the enemy of the good. My other leathers just feel and look better.
Regardless, a good and nice jacket. However, I'm afraid when my Badalassi Boardracer arrives, I won't be wearing it at all.
In my opinion that’s pretty much a perfect fit. I also think it looks great (though obviously can’t speak about feel). If my jacket looked like that I’d be very happy, but regardless I’m sure you BR will be amazing


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Vanson x Left Field Commando for the Canucks game tonight with my boy. I love this one.
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looking good. glad it's seeing daylight.

edit: btw, it's horween. Supposedly CXL, but not like any other CXL I handled. Feels more Lux like. Definitely has more softness and not the usual waxy stiff CXL. But there's still some there, so some sort of chrome/waxy tanning.


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It's definitely not a 1:1 copy of a Trojan, but it is based on a Trojan, not a Californian.

I have a picture somewhere on one of my old hard drives from an old Japanese blog that was about the Mulholland that showed the exact Trojan jacket that the Mulholland was based upon.

It was practically identical to the Trojan except for the chest pocket. But it had the same underarm gussets, one piece back and no side seam exactly like this Californian. The main difference between this Cali and Trojan is the bottom band.
Would you be able to dig that out if you have the time? I've always wondered what it was based on, I love old Trojans they've got the best designs, I always thought the Mulholland was one of their vintage "inspired" pieces combining Trojan features onto a CSC.

I recognised unique Trojan details like the waist adjusters being sewn on top rather than tucked in, or hidden in any seams.
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