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What Song Would You Like Played At Your Funeral.


One Too Many
Oklahoma City
My husband and I discuss this now and then (usually over a couple bottles of wine, with old music playing), and his choices have been made: "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts", to begin, 'cos that's the sort of fellow he is, and finishing with Al Bowlly doing "Goodnight Sweetheart".
I have such a wide, wide range of musical passions that I don't think I could pin down one song. If those putting me in the ground want to sing me away, they're free to choose. As long as it's old and/or obscure. If they play something sappy and modern I may have to pull a ghostly prank.


One Too Many
"We Have All the Time in the World" - Louis Armstrong. A lovely song with meaningful lyrics that combines some things of significance to me - love for a good woman, something beyond this life and it's also a theme from our favourite James Bond film, OHMSS.

That film is set in a part of Switzerland (the Jungfrau Region) we've visited many, many times over the last 30-odd years and we've even walked up the mountain it's set on. Many happy long-term memories, that film and the beautiful song are for us inextricably linked.


Practically Family
Warren (pronounced 'worn') Ohio
"How to Disappear Completely(And Never Be Found Again)" by Radiohead. It is a melancholy song but I wouldn't want it played for that reason. To me, it's a beautiful song and is one of the few songs that make me shiver. Plus the opening line is appropriate. "That there, that's not me".


Practically Family
I have already planned for loud Rock and Roll. Jackie Wilson Higher and Higher ( hopefully ),Bee Gees I started a Joke, Hollies He ain't Heavy He's My Brother, BJ Thomas, Queen, Heart, Janice Joplin and more. All those wonderful songs and music I grew up with. I will be there and will listen!
One I forgot as the casket goes out is Sinatra's " I Did It My Way".


Practically Family
Central Vermont
As sick as it sounds, I have had my funeral planned since I was 17 (something that you think about early on when you enlist in the military).

At the funeral, as I am being carried out, a friend (dressed at the Grim Reaper) will dance out to Queen's "Another one bites the dust". My whole family knows that this is to happen. I just hope they are able to find a church or chapel that will allow it.

Other than that, Taps as I will be having a military funeral


One of the Regulars
Florida Panhandle
It seems like a good choice for someone like myself who, despite being a long-term confirmed athiest, quite likes the idea of there actually being an afterlife.

Amazing how many folks, despite a lifetime of not believing, end up wanting something like that. I know of lifelong Christians who, at the end, wanted to believe in re-incarnation.

Also, many cultures have used music to move the deceased to the "other world". Many, like those in New Orleans, upbeat, joyous music.

My Father wanted( and got) "I'll weather My Storm" played. My Brother, was me to play "Dust in the wind" on my Martin flattop.


Where The Tourists Meet The Sea
I don't care if there's people in the afterlife or not. But there damn well better be cats.

As for my funeral music, I want Leroy Shield's "Little Dancing Girl," as performed by the Beau Hunks Orchestra. And as it's playing, I want there to be a couple of silent-movie type comedians among my pallbearers who will drop their end of the box and get into a pie-throwing fight over who caused it. If my funeral's going to be held in a theatre, I want to get laughs.


I'll Lock Up
I have let my wife know that in addition to Amazing Grace (amen, Wide Brim) sung in the memorial service (and the officiating minister to preach from Ephesians 2:8 & 9), the bringing in and out of the coffin should be accompanied by a solo piper playing Skye Boat Song and Flowers of the Forest.

However, I won't be there to enjoy the singing and music...
I'm a Christian too, but Amazing Grace has been done to death. For mine, I have told my wife to have Wayfaring Stranger played.

I'll soon be free from every trial,
This form will rest beneath the sod.
I'll drop this cross of self denial,
And enter in...to rest with God.


Familiar Face
North Carolina
Another song I've considered is "A Fine, Fine Day" by Tony Carey.

It's a fine, fine day for a reunion
It's a fine, fine day for coming home.
You did your sittin', you did hard time
But you ain't gonna sit no more, they cant keep you there no more
It's a fine, fine day