What would you tell your former self about ordering a custom Aero?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by TropheusDuboisi, Dec 3, 2020.

  1. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 I'll Lock Up

    +1 exactly!
  2. You think those sleeves are a bit long? Really?? Look just right to me.
  3. BobJ

    BobJ Practically Family

    Coos Bay, OR
    I think I could sort these jackets into chronological order, based on the color of your beard!
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  4. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oakland, CA, USA
    Leather at the bottom of the lining. I had to get Johnson to add it when the lining got tattered.
    BTW, I have a Good Wear, four Johnsons, and some vintage. I like the Aero I have and wear it often.
    I wear the other ones, too. Surprised by all these folks who ordered jackets they didn't like, or had
    unrealistic ideas of how flexible FQHH is. It is what it is. Get what you like.
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  5. navetsea

    navetsea I'll Lock Up

    East Java
    that LW Carlos wore clearly has more drop shoulder than Aero, you can see their special hanger is flatter and not suitable for other jackets by other makers, but if your build is average joe with flat shoulder then I guess the shoulder would not be an issue with flatter shouldered Aero or FL. Strange than Ton like his the most since the issue is the clearest shown on any of his due to his built but I guess he didn't feel the issue also because of his built.

    I have none of jackets from all makers here, not even 5*... but I'm flat shouldered, I'm going to bet Aero's pattern would work non issue on me same with many flat shouldered denim jackets, although I like drop shouldered jacket for correcting my outlook.

    the plus of flat shouldered jacket is when the jacket worn open, it will not flare out on the bottom | |
    on contrary if your jacket have a drop shoulder more than your natural shoulder could fill underneath, then when the jacket worn open it will flare out on the hem since the shoulder of the jacket will then crumble to rest on your own natural shoulder, and the main opening flares out / \ and so does the hem.
  6. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie Call Me a Cab

    I think this is closest to what I advice myself. "Don't. Ignore the haters and get a Schott instead. Or a Johnson Leathers. Or if you are into black leather, a Vanson." My Aeros get barely any wear because of how uncomfortably they rest on my neck. It feels exactly like when you're squatting with barbell on your back and it's positioned too high up your neck, so I am absolutely convinced the issue is with how they place the neckhole on their jackets. I'm no patternmaker or in any way qualified jacket designer but I assume jackets neck hole need to be cut out an inch or two lower into the back panel so it rests lower in your neck area.

    edit: I do get compliments whenever I do wear my Aeros but I make sure it's occasions where I don't have to walk much..
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  7. Marc mndt

    Marc mndt My Mail is Forwarded Here

    That 'special hanger' isn't suitable for Aero jackets either. It doesn't distribute the weight of the jacket evenly onto the hanger, instead the weight is focused at two points which therefore causes dimples.

    I admit, Schott jackets have better, more comfortable patterns. But they have limited design choices. You can't get cossack from Schott for instance.
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  8. Alexlutov

    Alexlutov A-List Customer

    Continuing the above..hacking naturally or applying water hot or cold, or picard all this takes place to be, I'm always worried about the length of the sleeve in aero, as many have seen from other threads I got aero deluxe in jerky yesterday. As you all know, this type of horsehide doesn't require much cracking and is essentially soft out of the box.I am the second owner of the jacket and honestly do not know how many years this aero hung in the closet of the previous owner, but from jerky I expected that it would be soft..in my case, the skin looks a bit like cardboard..and I'm now thinking of a small layer of air conditioning for it.But back to the length of the sleeve, I am a tall guy and have always worn jackets where the sleeve reaches the thumb bone, BUT looking at all the photos of AERO's clients, I also see that the sleeve is usually much higher...the actual question. how is it correct?? or everyone chooses for himself as it is convenient for him...Thanks. IMG-20210227-WA0001.jpg
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  9. MrProper

    MrProper One Too Many

    Do not worry. I think the length is good for a OTR jacket.
    The sleeves of my jackets don't go down any further, no matter how long they are, because my cuffs are rather tight.
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  10. Alexlutov

    Alexlutov A-List Customer

    Thank you, yes, everyone who sees from the outside says everything is fine, this is my brain telling me what is short. probably because I'm used to long sleeves...
  11. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Aero don't do the leather strip along the bottom any longer, for several reasons; if memory serves, it was stopped in 2012 when the management structure changed. I believe corduroy is available as an alternative, though. Some of the motorcycle designs have a black leather panel on the inside at the back to stop belt-wear, consistent with period designs.

    My Aero's sleeves all sit exactly where I want them in a jacket: with my arms straight by my sides the end of the cuff sits straight across the middle of my palm, level with the inside if my thumb joint. I have never special ordered them, though - I'm relatively short/average height (5'10"), and so my arms are around an average length, I suppose. This is worth taking into account, though, when you're speccing an order if you need extra length.

    Another thought for those of you going via Thurston: worth double-checking on lengths for clarity there. I've not heard of this changing, but I know some years ago all stock Aeros ordered by Thurston were specced at an inch longer in the body that the standard pattern, and I think in the sleeves too. If you go that route with a fit jacket, worth double checking whether they still do this to be sure that if you as for an extra 2" on the Aero pattern, you're not actually getting 3", and such. As I recall, a big part of Thurston's business is selling jackets for motorcycle wear, which was why they wanted a little extra length.

    On zips: Hookless zips are nice (I have one in my Dustbowl), but the design is by nature just slightly fidlier thansome other designs. If that's off putting, Talons / Talon repros are nice. One of the best zips I've had in an Aero was the one they used as standard back in 2010, which was just an older, Talon-style puller with a more squared-off puller and branded 'Aero'. Aero generally do ask which you want (always my experience anyhow). I like the Hookless, though I'd go for something else in a jacket that I planned to zip up and down half a dozen times a day.
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