Where or How Do You Store Your Hats?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by steveforse, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. steveforse

    steveforse New in Town

    Riverside, CA
    Right now, I have the top shelf of a double wide closet with hats all across. Only three two have boxes, so I stack those. With over a dozen hats, I'm all out of space, so I put one hat in the other. I'm thinking of maybe buying some of those cubby holes from Kmart? How are you guys storing your hats (besides the one on your head)?
  2. Stacking hats is bad for the hats below. This is really true for transfering skin oils from sweatbands to the crowns of the lower hats.
    Do a search cause there are a couple of threads on hat storage.
    I use a couple of hall trees & some hooks attacked to boards anchored to the wall in the utility room. Others are in boxes in bonus room above the garage.
  3. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Hey Steve!
    The hats I am wearing [seasonal -winter or summer] I have hanging on my hatrack.
    The rest are in hat box's. I have a couple of box's that set out as a type of decoration, they have hats in them and a couple have a hat resting on top.
  4. texashatman

    texashatman Familiar Face

    South Texas
    I keep my silverbelly westerns wrapped in acid free tissue paper in thier boxes but I cycle through my other ones (when I'm home) so much I just hang them on the european mounted deer antlers I have in my dressing room. I'm gone from home for weeks at a time and then have long periods of time off work so I just brush them off when I am home. It's my thinking that as long as you rotate them and actually wear them a few times a year they don't get too damaged from hanging.

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