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Which funny videos are you watching?

Stanley Doble

Call Me a Cab
"Give it some Welly"

A proper Englishman (and his dog) starting his car

and going for a ride

or mowing the lawn, it's hard to be sure.


Call Me a Cab
I 'm just attracted to those youtube clips of elephants attacking and sometimes killing their cruel mahouts. That is those that beat the animals when they are working and maybe like humans just can't take any more. My favourite is the clip where the mahout is beating the elephant with a stick, said elephant then picks him up with his trunk and smashes the mans body against a tree then proceeds to stamp on the 'poor' man. Next we see our aggrieved friend pick up the crushed and probably dead body, shake it, drop it, and wander off.
Yes I find it funny that the elephant gets his revenge, unfortunately the animal would probably be killed due to his now being unworkable.
I do think this particular clip has now been removed.
Though maybe this is the more funny type of thing you are thinking of Bikers crashing doing silly things