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Which Jacket Brand Has the Best Resale Value?

But it's actually a bit more complicated than that & brand name alone isn't entirely representative of how much money their jackets are worth on the used market since value is determined by an individual model of a jacket in an equal merit.

Take Schott, for instance. Their flagship Perfectos, namely the 618 & 613 (both regular and horsehide version), 118 and some of the PERs can easily get you 80% of the price tag back - Provided all the necessary requirements are met, of course, like the condition, etc.
But you can always count on the 613 to reach a good resale price.

All the while, many other Schott models cannot even hope to fetch nearly as much on the 2nd hand market. And this goes for most brands mentioned ITT.


One of the Regulars
Here are my own used purchases from this year (2021), along with the percentage of new price I paid when I bought these. Couple notes: I am a bargain hunter and usually buy only when I feel I am getting a good/great deal. And my size is on the larger side...around a 46...so maybe less competition for this size, but also less supply...:

  • Thedi Black Cowhide Shawl Collar (used but NWOT condition) - 50% of new price
  • Himel Heron Brown Shinki (excellent lightly-used condition) - 50% of new price
  • Aero Highwayman Black Connelly Steerhide (very good used condition) - 25% of new price
  • Aero August Black FQHH (very good used condition) - 25% of new price
  • Schott 530 CR Brown Cowhide (excellent lightly-used condition) - 25% of new price
  • Schott 611H Black Horsehide (near excellent lightly-used condition) - 100% of new price...OK so I went a bit nuts here...but they only made this jacket for one year 1994-95, and I really like it...and it was local...and I tried it on...so...
I am happy, and I think I did good!!


One of the Regulars
I see FW Mulhollands being literally snapped up in Classifieds. Seems like a solid investment if you can say it about a jacket.

Yeah the Mullholland is quintessential supply and demand. TFL really loves the jacket (and for good reason) and they are scarcely available unless you put yourself on the pre-order list. So if you don't get one when they do their drop you probably have to wait a year-ish.


One Too Many
My aero, Langlitz, vanson, JL jackets have all sold less than 50 percent of what i pay. I dont expect any more even brand new with tags. If someone can pay 600 for a jacket listed even if new gotta figure they can cough up another couple hundred and just get their own new unless it is rare or exactly what they want. JLs less than that 50. i almost give them away if I sell them on ebay with the fees. Everyone is looking for a deal and expect it and if one is motivated to sell they will get a deal.