Who makes the most accurate summer (cotton) uniform?

Discussion in 'WWII' started by BigBrother, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. BigBrother

    BigBrother New in Town

    And so... it begins. Another rabbit hole amply dove into!

    A few weeks ago I posted this:


    And sure enough, the Dickies route worked wonderfully.

    And now...

    I want MORE!

    I'm nearly dead set on getting something more authentic. So, of the 5-8 vendors that tend to get thrown around, which would you say is the best for the khaki summer uniform?

    Reading this:


    it seems like WPG is the way to go (also seems darn affordable, and in reading my original thread, someone on there actually recommended those as a first pass.) But don't let me lead the witness here! With which vendor would you go for those summer tans? (Note- must be the cotton, not the wool, as these will be for dance events.)

  2. BigBrother

    BigBrother New in Town

    Bumping. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks much!!
  3. EngProf

    EngProf A-List Customer

    It may be different in your part of the world, but around here (mid-South) original WWII Army cotton khakis are reasonably plentiful and also cheap compared to the OD wool shirts which reenactors want/need for ETO use.
    You can't get more authentic than real/original.
    It's a case of Supply and Demand... no one wants the khakis, hence they are more prevalent and cheaper.
    I see those in vintage clothing stores, flea markets, and sometimes even yard sales.

    Worth having a look at those places...

    I keep a couple of those shirts for home-front events since they were authorized for hot-climate use (the South).

    (Unfortunately, our "Army Surplus" store here doesn't have much of that stuff any more - just camping and outdoor gear.)
  4. mattmiller1973

    mattmiller1973 Familiar Face

    Is there a well-recognized source for original/vintage army-navy clothing? i know there's a store in Sweden called Broadway & Sons, but they don't have too much in stock.

    Is there a US surplus store or an online shop that has just a ton of NOS?
  5. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    I've had a couple of pairs of the WPG trews and been very pelased with them; can't comment on their accuracy, though, as I bought them to wear as civilian clothing so didn't pay any attention to military correctness, just that they fitted like civilian trousers of the period.
  6. 1961MJS

    1961MJS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Norman Oklahoma
    What Price Glory is good, and inexpensive. At The Front is a bit more, mostly made in the US, and is also mostly better than WPG. They don't overlap. WPG doesn't do German, ATF doesn't do anything but WW2.
    Hope that helps.
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