Why Snap Buttons On Leather Jacket?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by user290389023, Oct 4, 2019.

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    About half a year ago i bought a Levi´s Leather Trucker Jacket and it has snap buttons. And at this point i'm a bit mad because they never stay closed! I don't understand why they didn't have more heavy duty snaps. Is it possible to replace them with more heavy duty snaps, or even replace them with regular buttons? And if so how?
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    Snaps that don't stay snapped are annoying, and yes they can be replaced. I wouldn't try to replace them with buttons, because that would be a lot of work and probably won't turn out well. You'd just need a number of better quality snaps and a crimping tool, and the nerve to pry apart the old ones.
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    Sonetime it is just the spring, with a nail or small screwdriver you can pull out a bit, another case it is the male snap that is losing the curve around the top and need replacing, i havent tried myself but perhaps light hammering to flare out the top might be enough to do the trick, before trying to replace as the last option
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