Willis and Geiger A1 Leather Jacket

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    One of the lesser seen aviator jackets. Well lesser seen in the vein of being called an army air corps jacket, the A-1 heavily caught on as more of a civilian staple with the knit collar, while the military went to a leather pointed collar and a zipper that [​IMG][​IMG]became a look synonymous with WWII. With the invention of the motorbike and airplanes having cockpits, I feel as though the necessity for a jacket that didn’t have a skirt that could fray in the wind or catch on controls became paramount. I can just imagine the pocket of a regular jacket getting caught on some lever or knob as a crew of a bomber is trying to navigate past each other at 10,000 feet. Seeing it on the heroes of the late 1920s and early 1930s, I believe made it a staple for anyone wanting to have that action wear look even if they didn’t have that action wear life. [​IMG]

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    Good stuff, can you recommend resource material for study

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