World War I-Themed Christmas Advert

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  1. The British supermarket chain Sainsbury's produced this touching Christmas advert for 2014 based on the 1914 Christmas Truce. I thought about posting it in the "Favorite Commercials" thread but felt that it deserved its own thread.

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    Thank you for posting. This is one of my favorite historical events of all time. Yes, as with everything, there are highly educated, too-clever-by-a-half people who can deconstruct the human spirit out of anything and, yes, not everything surrounding this event fits the spirit-lifting narrative perfectly, but it did happen. Soldiers on both sides, for a moment of shared camaraderie and good will, met, played soccer and didn't make war at Christmas time. I am moved every time I think about it.
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    Beautifully shot, isn't it? Reminds me a lot of the French film, Joyeux Noel. Still unsure how I feel about it being used as an advertisement for a shop, though, even if the product it shows is one being sold for a (sadly somewhat politicised, now) charity. As a historical event, though, it represents a triumph of the human spirit over the orders of powerful men, for just that one day. A glimpse into how different life could have been for the poor bastards in the trenches if people much farther up the tree had had a bit more humanity in them.
  4. This appears to include some additional footage that didn't make it into the advert.

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    The German officer with the moustache was the German line officer in the movie, The Lost Battalion.

    Even though the Christmas Truce of 1914 was a great event between adversaries, IMO, I believe no commercial advert should be made or used to their advantage. Politicians do it enough, no need for a private enterprise/company to follow suit.

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