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WWII Fur Felt Service Caps Now Available

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by societybrandhatco, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. societybrandhatco

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    St. Louis, MO
    Attention! Now available are pre/early WWII US Army officer's regulation service caps in fur felt! This is a Society Brand Hat Co. exclusive. Absolutely NOT available anywhere else. These are the only reproduction WWII fur felt caps offered ANYWHERE.

    Caps are constructed of fur felt in the correct pre/early WWII lighter shade of olive drab and lined with luxurious satin. The top grain, padded leather visor and chinstrap and the hand stitched sweatband complete the look.

    And, of course, the genuine Gemsco pattern cap badge is included.

    These can be made in any size, from 6-1/2 up to a whopping 8.

    The crown of the cap (the top) is accurately made with a five piece construction (top and four lower side panels), consistent with the styling of early war caps.

    These caps are correct for approximately 1934 up until the end of the war, when they were eventually replaced by a new regulation fur felt service cap in a dark brown drab shade beginning in 1944. But no doubt many of these style caps soldiered on until the postwar period.

    As officers were, and still are, required to purchase their uniforms, many opted for the higher quality and premium price of fur felt caps (see the photo of an original ad).

    These caps were worn by both US Army Air Force officers as well as officers in the regular US Army.

    Make sure to see the photo of Kenneth Taylor, fighter ace and hero at Pearl Harbor, wearing one of these same style fur felt caps in late December, 1941. Even the eagle cap badge is the same pattern!

    As with all of our service and crusher caps, these are proudly made in the USA.

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