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You know you are getting old when:


I'll Lock Up
Chicago, IL US
I remember realising with some horror that my undergraduates were exactly half my age. And that was in the Before Times, five, nearly six, years ago. I no longer even need to ask to ascertain that none of them remember dial-up internet. Increasingly few of them seem to particularly remember a PM pre-Cameron, which puts a real time-frame on it. When I mention developments in law which happened under the Major government and cases like Aitken and Hamilton, it's like ancient history to them. In pop culture terms, Nirvana's Nevermind LP (1991) was longer ago relative to their lifetime than are the Beatles to me. The real kicker was working out that for them 80s rock and roll revivalists like Brian Setzer fall in their relative timeline at the same point as does Elvis for me. Which might explain why they all find it so hilarious when on occasion I'm actually up to date with popular culture. My being a fan of Ru Paul's Drag Race has caused much mirth on many occasions.

Grad proctor days, tutorial sessions, distant memories.... I didn't start college until
I was twenty one; however a few years before I began to realize that there was more
to life than baseball and girls. Thrown into circumstances unlike most with older men
whom had inner lives, highly read, wise to life and the world. And they had what I wanted,
the life of the mind, wisdom; known truths tested in furnace, refined. University offered
the most difficult with the most demanding instruction. And as grad teaching showed
age is often mercurial, I felt decades older than undergrads. They lacked passionate
thirst, their curiosity all too easily and quickly slaked. And their papers God awful, mostly
slipshod. They had read, perhaps skimmed... but they did not know literature. Philosophy.
Grammar, structure, objective factual analysis. I recall telling one young man he
needed to sleep with Lady Philosophy inside a prison cell awaiting execution.
Reference Boethius and his epistle, all of which stupefied him entirely.
Frustrating in the extreme, humorous in retrospect....

David Mellinkoff's casebook The Conscience of A Lawyer details Courvoisier
and subsequent chastening of Charles Phillips, Irish silk and patron saint of Chicago lawyers.
The text offers underaduate aspirants to the Bar much food for thought and would serve splendid
foundation Hilary or Trinity class.
I envy your faculty post professor.
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I'll Lock Up
Gads Hill, Ontario
You were the first student ever enrolled in a new elementary school, starting that year in kindergarten, and you volunteer to assist in planning that school's 50th anniversary, this September.
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Is it because I'm old or what? Have you ever put something important in a safe place, then you can't remember where that safe place was?
Nah, I've been doing that my whole life. Can't tell you how many things in my life have permanently disappeared because I put it in a "safe place."

Now I don't put stuff in safe places anymore. The safest place for anything is out in the open where I can see it and remember it.


I'll Lock Up
New Forest
Congrats to you both! And thanks for making me feel not so old ... our 39th was this past Friday. ;)
39 years eh, young man. Next year is your Ruby Anniversary. On our 40th anniversary we flew to Jamaica, caught a cruise ship at Montego Bay, sailed around and called in to many of The British Virgin Islands, Tortola was wonderful. it's nicknamed the 51st State of The Union because it's so American, yet despite virtually every car being a left hand drive American car, they still drive on the left.

stetson open road.jpeg
It was remiss of me, I meant to comment on your Stetson Royal DeLuxe Open Road, the high crown and the beautiful colour, such an exquisite hat.
Thank you for our anniversary compliments, I do hope you celebrated your's and that you have some plans in mind for the Ruby next year.
When you take a refreshing shower with one of your favorite soaps, but after that, you think:
"Aah, come on, taking a rest on the couch, for now..." ;)
Home improvement question.

Is power glue with Colophonium more effektive than without? I read, that it´s a resin derivat, but does it really improve the glue?
Anyone experiences with Chambray (cotton) bedclothes?

Yay or nay?

I´m asking, because there´s some interesting Chambray stuff in grocery store.
Southern California
When you start following the "Funeral Music Recommendations" thread
Really? I started selecting "songs I'd like to have played at my funeral" before I was 10 years old. I thought everyone did that, 'cause sometimes the "funeral" part comes before the "getting old" part.

…you start taking fango baths to get used to lying in damp earth.
Had to Google "fango bath". I'll wait, thankyouverymuch--too many other things to do first.