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Discussion in 'Radio' started by LizzieMaine, Mar 20, 2009.

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    HTML posting has now been enabled for the Radio forum, so you may now embed You Tube clips to illustrate points under discussion.

    However, please use discretion in doing so -- keep in mind that our main topic is "Sounds Of The Golden Era," and while we don't strictly to confine that exclusively to performers who actually worked in from the twenties thru the early fifties, modern performers included under the definition should be those who either perform in a specifically Golden Era style or who are significantly inspired by one. For example, rock, punk, or rap performers with no Golden Era relevance are not appropriate for posting or discussion here. If you have to preface a post with "I know this is off topic, but...", it's not appropriate for this forum.

    Keep in mind that some of us have older computers that choke and stall on an entire page of embedded video clips, and try to avoid including excessive clips in a single post.

    Try also to avoid just posting videos for the sake of posting them. If you post a video, tell us *why* you're posting it. What about it is Golden Era relevant? What notable personalities appear in it? What about it appeals most to you. Remember, the Lounge is, first and foremost, a *discussion* forum.

    Thanks -- and have fun!
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