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  1. I remember seeing a segment on 60 Minutes about Prophet Mo back then, and I swear, he looked and sounded like the classic image of a nonce!
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    The thing I remember most about his followers is that they were -- well, rabid. If you made the mistake of engaging with them on the street, they'd get right in your face with big bulging eyes, and they'd try to grab your hands and "pray with you," even if you had a handful of groceries. I got to be pretty good at spotting them and crossing the street before they could see me.
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    One of my favourite stories is the telling of the time arguing religion with two Jehovah's Witnesses on my doorstep. My wife just shakes her head asking me why? But I always reply that I think that day I may have talked one of them out of the cult....or at least planted a big seed in his mind. They don't come around much anymore though.
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    I haven't seen any here for maybe 20 years. Telling them I was a Satanist was step 1 (and in hindsight was probably enough). Step 2 involved stopping by their houses at inopportune times to talk about the "Coming of Our Savior", and inviting them to join our services . . . . Step 3 was planned but never necessary.

    My experience has been if you can make them truly know that you are crazier than they are, they'll leave you alone.
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