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I saw a post concerning a Natel CR you returned. I have one with the following measurements, if it would work.

Pit to pit - 27 inches
Shoulder seam to shoulder seam - 23 inches
Shoulder seam to end of cuff - 26.5 inches
Length - 29 inches

I also have a big Johnson Leathers CR.

FYI-I grew up in south FL and lived in central FL (Lakeland area) for a number of years. I'd melt if I went back.
I have two CR styles at the moment but your Natel may be a via replacement. My thoughts/question is that the one Natel CR I bought was labeled a size 50 and was way short in the body so your measurements seem a lot more generous with a 46 label, which could work. Also, the one I bought had a thick non removable quilt liner that also had insulated sleeves. So your removable liner could work on that front.
I am thinking about it but probably would need to move my Legendary CR , thanks again.
I've given up with labeled jacket sizes. No idea how my Natel can be a 46, but those are indeed the measurements I'd encourage you to read up on Natel/Natal on TFL. I say Natal/Natel because there seems to be a connection between the two, but nobody has been able to connect the dots. I've never heard a negative word.

Same for Johnson Leathers...do the research and you'll find lots of positives.
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Hey Roy,

RL204 offered you as a reference and said you guys did a transaction recently. Where you buying or selling? How did it go, any issues? I appreciate your feedback!

Would you consider $225 plus the $20 shipping so $245 total ? I will take it if that works for you
Hey there, Im interested in buying this for use as a motorcycle jacket. If it is still avail this coming Wednesday I will def buy it. I just bought an Aero J106 and I am broke until I get paid lol. I was looking for a Vanson Highwayman but hard to find preowned, Im not too familiar with CAL leathers but have heard good things on this forum. Hopefully its still avail in a week
Hi,yes I purchased that Brooks gold label brown jacket on Ebay about 1 to 2 weeks ago.Beautiful jacket in like new condition .(if it's the same one)?