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  1. Shoo
    Shoo Ordinary Guy
    Do you have Dobbs twenty VVL hat now?
  2. Unlucky Berman
    Unlucky Berman
    Been away for a while but now back in the hood.
  3. ai00344
    ai00344 Gatsby Gats
    Good morning, Sonoma café racer still available? If yes are you accepting offers?

    1. Gatsby Gats
      Gatsby Gats
      Hi yes it’s still available, I was planning on reposting it and just haven’t gotten around to it. The only reason I’m selling it is it’s too small for me otherwise I’d keep it.
      Jan 16, 2018 at 4:31 PM
    2. ai00344
      Yes the sizing on these are tricky, the measurements seem to work for me. If you are accepting offers I would be willing to pay $500 but I understand if you want to bump the listing back to the top of the classifieds and see what other offers are out there. Cheers!
      Jan 17, 2018 at 1:43 PM
  4. bobm
    bobm Big J
    Big J,

    If you'd like to trade, I have some A-2 Aero's in your size.
    1. Boyo
      Hi, thanks for your offer, but I would really like to sell this to fund another purchase.
      Jan 12, 2018
  6. M3Cavalry
    Seeking ELC Irvin in a 46 and Pearl Harbor or 1401 in a 44
  7. trialsallday
    trialsallday Tefouane
    Why are u selling ? I thought you were happy with the fit of this one ..
  8. Ragtime Ryxard
    Ragtime Ryxard
    I like ragtime and want this hat (picture). It would be really nice with some help.
  9. Lord Flashheart
    Lord Flashheart Cooper A-2
    H Cooper, I'm interested in the boxed A11, the second watch from the left and and the gold cased watch. Could you send me some photos and prices please.


  10. jonesy86
    dying leather jackets
  11. EinarsM
    Tell me your story
  12. Gray Ghost
    Gray Ghost BlueTrain
    I was wondering where you were from. I read an old post where you talked about being from a town that was a Rail Road town until the Rail Road moved away. My father was with the Rail Road. He was ACL and retired from SCL in 1979. Your town sounds like mine. I live in Rocky Mount NC. Hope you have a great New Year.
    1. BlueTrain
      I'm from Princeton, West Virginia. The railroad was the Virginian.
      Dec 31, 2017
    2. Gray Ghost
      Gray Ghost
      Nice to meet you. I am an old member here and just came back. Your town sounded just like mine. No telling how many railroad towns are just like ours. We are slowly trying to rebuild, but past bad policy decisions by our City Council is hard to overcome.
      Jan 1, 2018
  13. Miss_Lizz
    It's about that time, hair cutting time!
  14. RichardOfYork
    RichardOfYork rue
    Greetings from England. Bitterly cold here..difficult to look stylish when you're wrapped up like a walking sleeping bag. :-)
  15. RichardOfYork
    RichardOfYork MissCurious
    Hello MissCurious..I like curiosity...it's a sign that you're alive and a sentient being.
    Greetings from England. Have a great 2018. Richard
  16. EinarsM
    Excited about 2018!
  17. Kiowa Bill
    Kiowa Bill
    Never hatless.
  18. 65 Classic
    65 Classic Jalpa85
    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas
  19. 65 Classic
    65 Classic alfyman
    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas
  20. Downunder G Man
    Downunder G Man
    " a man' got to know his limitations" : Dirty Harry...