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Smelly hat: How to get an odor out of a hat?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Old Fogey UK, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Apologies to anyone who has posted this tip before but I've just discovered it and it really works.
    To get rid of a smoky or musty smell in a hat, get a couple of those fabric softener sheets that go in tumble driers and put them in the hat. Tie it up in a plastic bag and leave it for a couple of weeks. Result - no more nasty smell. I've just done it with a 1930's flying helmet that I got on Polish eBay. When it arrived, it smelt like a combination of wet dog and bus station ashtray. But no longer.
  2. Vermifuge

    Vermifuge One of the Regulars

    Any thoughts on a spritz of vodka? i know it works pretty good on a smokey smelling jacket. what about a hat?
  3. You can also put the hat outside for a few days if you have a covered porch.
  4. Vermifuge

    Vermifuge One of the Regulars

    Porches... In California?
  5. The back yard Porch! And Tired of all those smells?

    I have a screened in porch in the back of my house and I live in California!

    On those smells: the baking soda boxes that are designed for the refrigerator are supposed to help a whole bunch too.
  6. I didn't think porches were strictly New England.
  7. Vermifuge

    Vermifuge One of the Regulars

    Wheni think "orch" I thinkof the big wrap around porches that you see down south. In CA, or at least the SF Bay Area the best you get is a place for gustes to stand when you go to let them in. that's what they call a "porch" out here.
  8. Obviously you live in the wrong area for porches. They are here.


  9. I have lived in Kansas City, Detroit, Oahu, Atlanta, Tampa, Denver and now in Texas. We have had a porch in every place we have lived. The house we have now has 2, one screen porch and 1 sun porch.
  10. ***********
    California Craftsman bungaloes usually had cool porches.
    IDENTIFYING FEATURES: Low-pitched, gabled roof, wide overhang of eaves, exposed rafters under eaves, decorative (false) brackets under gables; incised porch (beneath main roof); tapered, square columns supporting roof; 4-over-1 or 6-over-1 sash windows, often with Frank Lloyd Wright design motifs; hand- crafted stone or woodwork, often mixed materials throughout structure.
  11. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    I love old bungalows. They have character.

    I think we should all put an end to beige McMansions, and brinng back interesting details in archetecture.
  12. moustache

    moustache Practically Family

    A quick...

    spray of my favourite cologne (from a distance) and my hat has no smell of the must.One spray did it!!

  13. NicolettaRose

    NicolettaRose Practically Family

    I got this ausome 1930's topper hat on Ebay. It is made out of felt, but when I took it out of the package, it reeks of cigarette smoke. How do I get the smell to go away?
  14. BitterEpiphany

    BitterEpiphany Familiar Face

    Vodka and water solution will kill a smoke smell, but i've no idea what it would do to the hat. I use it on everything (my boyfriend is a smoker) Though, it you love it or if you spent a lot on it, it might be a little terrifying to try. If you are going to use it, I would spot test it on an inconspicuous location. Also, don't be afraid, unlike Vinegar and Water solutions, the Vodka smell will actually dissipate within a few days. Just apply wtih a spray bottle. (You can apply it with a chemcial spray bottle but I like to use old hairspray or perfume bottles. I find they spray more evenly with delicate work. If you're really nervous, get a very meshy, cheese cloth-esque scarf or piece of fabric and spray the hat THROUGH that. You won't get as much spotting from a crummy bottle.

    You could also try sticking a handful fo fabric softener sheets inside of it in hopes that that would absorb some of the smell :)

    EDIT: Whatever you do, don't fall vicitm to the notion that it will just go away. I have found t-shirts under the bed, weeks after they've been abandoned, only to find that, yes, they still smell strongly of smoke. Also, avoid products like Febreeze. They're supposed to help but, really, they usually just add another smell on top of the smoke and you get essence of wet dog.
  15. Test a small area on the inside with oust. If it doesn't mess it up, Oust for smokers for a few days will do the trick.

    I and my husband smoke, but I don't like the lingering smell.
  16. NicolettaRose

    NicolettaRose Practically Family

    What about something like febreeze?
  17. Well, it'll work but febreeze has been known to weaken fibers and discolor fabric.

    I'd test what ever it was, or put it in an area where a gentle beeze blows on it, not in sunlight, and let nature take its course.
  18. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Baking soda.

    If you are worried about the soda on the hat, put the hat in a plastic bin (with a lid) and put lots of soda around the hat. Leave it in there closed for a few days and check on it.

    Should do the trick.

  19. I believe it was John in Covina who suggested putting the hat in a plastic bag with a box of baking soda. I've got a Stetson derby with the same problem and was going to try that. I'd also wondered about but haven't tried using Febreeze on it.


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