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  1. sola fide
    I really like the wardrobes in Boardwalk Empire, but too offensive to watch
  2. Oldsarge
  3. DeaconKC
    The Wild Bunch is also an excellent example, and to a firearm's afficianado, is especially welcome for that accuracy as well.
  4. McBrearty
    Tried to watch Dunkirk, but although the set, costumes, location, cinematography and actors were great, the movie was awful. I fast-forwarded it many times as the pacing was horrible for so long a film. I understand they didn't want it to be a...
  5. HatLoverGirl
  6. OldGreyBird
    One of my favorite period films is George Roy Hill's THE GREAT WALDO PEPPER (1975), which recreates the era of barnstorming with meticulous accuracy. (Two of my uncles barnstormed in the 1920s, so it's a subject close to my heart. That, and...
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  7. hatguy1
    Such a tremendous and world-class museum it is! Have only been once but would love to visit again. As for bomber jacket art, the crews adorned their jacket backs with the names of their aircraft. Interested parties might want to check out...
  8. Oldsarge
    Jeeves isn't really a valet, he's a gentleman's gentleman. It's a far superior sort of position. And if you haven't read the original Wodehouse, prepare for nights of continuous hilarity.
  9. regius
  10. HatLoverGirl
    This is fascinating, I honestly had Art Deco completely wrong, I love this articles, please keep them coming.
  11. Oldsarge
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