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  1. Seelsk
    Seelsk EstherWeis
    Ze hebben me op het forum naar u verwezen. Ik zoek een bepaalt type hoed. Ben er al achter dat het een fedora met pencil curl is. Kan ik dit bij u vinden?
  2. Acererak
    Acererak Guppy
    So Guppy -- Were you able to dig anything up? Something similar enough to your new jacket, deep down you know you won't be wearing again? ;-) Paul
    1. Guppy
      Hey... I've had a really busy weekend, so no time to look at the closet just yet. My refrigerator AND lawn mower died this week, and I've been dealing with that... And my back went out on me on top of that... I haven't forgotten about you, but maybe by this evening I'll have found a few that I might be willing to part with that you might like.
      Aug 12, 2018 at 7:18 PM
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    2. Acererak
      Aw man. A trifecta. Take your time. It's 90 degrees here. I won't freeze to death any time soon;-)
      Aug 12, 2018 at 7:41 PM
  3. york sandifer
    york sandifer
    still searching for the rollable montecristo in a thrift store for .99 cents
  4. John D Maccarter
    John D Maccarter
    Long time lurker. Thought I would show how I rock. Made in usa boot, jean shop, oh and that hh one star
  5. fashion frank
    fashion frank 31 Model A
    Had to message you ,curious do you own a 31 A ?
    1. 31 Model A
      31 Model A
      Yes....1931 Model A Ford Deluxe
      Aug 8, 2018
  6. Hat Masterson
  7. fashion frank
    fashion frank Big Man
    Hello my friend good to see you here on the lounge . I’ve been gone for awhile but I’m back now ! Hope you are enjoying your summer ! All The Best , Fashion Frank
  8. fashion frank
    fashion frank HoosierDaddy
    Hey my friend good to see you still alive and kicking . I’ve been gone for awhile but I’m back now hope your enjoying your summer ! All The Best , Fashion Frank
    1. HoosierDaddy
      Hey..good to hear from you FF. Unfortunately I am down in Houston Texas at MD Anderson Cancer Center Right now for another week or so. I was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago. This is my fourth trip to Texas from Indiana. I lost my Wife to cancer in 2016 after 38 yrs of marriage. Things can change so quickly.
      Aug 7, 2018
    2. fashion frank
      fashion frank
      Geez sorry to hear that my friend , I don’t have cancer but I just over Hepe C and have other Hepe C related medical issues , so I can relate . Very sorry to hear about your wife my condolences , boy you’ve been hit with a double wammie! I’ll keep you in my prayers my friend and hope you get better soon . All The Best, Fashion Frank
      Aug 8, 2018
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  9. AvavanBlythe
    My soul cringes when folks talk about brushing wet hair. That is Breakage 101 right there.
  10. David Niles
    David Niles
    New here, thanks for letting me join
  11. Chris McCollum
    Chris McCollum
    Whatever you do. Be good at it. -Abe Lincoln
  12. Steinbockhase
  13. David Conwill
    David Conwill
    Who wants to be in a vintage fashion show?
  14. rosscoinc1
    rosscoinc1 Skyhawk
    Do you have a storefront I can go to?
  15. Borsalino Fan
    Borsalino Fan nulty
    Hello: I noticed your post about the Scott & Co. coat you had purchased. Di d you receive my reply ?
  16. EvaS
    It's never too late to start again.
  17. DaveProc
    I wear many hats in life
  18. Buddyhoale
    Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.
  19. radiation
    from Switzerland
  20. Hoboken Frank
    Hoboken Frank
    looking for information on where to buy a replacement back strap for a white marcella backless waistcoat.
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