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  1. Cesare
    Cesare Daniele Tanto
    Buongiorno Daniele, sono iscritto al forum da poco e vorrei approfittare della sua competenza in materia. Vorrei acquistare un modello della Borsalino, l'icaro/alessandria: cosa mi può dire riguardo alla tipologia di feltro?Lei ha dato una piega definitiva o lo mantiene ripiegabile? Risulta molto 'floscio' ?Ero tentato da marrone e grigio medio ma non riesco a farmi un'idea lei di che colorazioni dispone? Cesare.
  2. troypennock
    troypennock Cyber Lip
    AERO CHiPs Jacket sz 38 I am offering $600 and $20 for the PayPal fee. If this is good with you send me your email address and I will send $620 for your jacket. I would like you to send it USPS. My email is troypennock447@gmail,com and my mailing address is Troy Pennock, 70 North Buck Ridge North Buck Ridge, Spring, Texas 77381.
  3. Ferris
    Ferris mayserwegener
    You need to update CAPTCHA on invisionzone. I tried to register there and got this error "reCAPTCHA – V1 IS SHUTDOWN ON 2018-03-31"
  4. Saleh
    one life time is way too short to wear them all,but their will always be a space for a new one!
  5. Bakerj
    Bakerj CBI
    I’ll take the brave star pants. Thanks
  6. youwinatlife
    youwinatlife Americanaaa Mark
    super long shot - did you ever manage to sell those garrison pants?
    hope all's well.
  7. Ciro
    ... I'm not sure enough about the results, I'm sure about the commitment!
  8. Lawless
  9. scottyrocks
    scottyrocks bond
    Hi Scott. Are you still selling liners and leather sweatbands? Scotty
  10. Jer Holland
    Jer Holland
    My new fedora arrived Friday and it looks great!
  11. Bugguy
    1 degree in Newark. Joy... only two more months to go.
  12. David M. Ward
    David M. Ward FedoraGent
    Sir, a while back you said that you had the link for the version of Perfidia from Casablanca. If so, can you also provide me that link? Thank you!
  13. Claybertrand
    Claybertrand tmitchell59
    DUHHH....Brainfart here. My phone wasn't showing all pics but I see the listing on my computer and I see the measurements. Please disregard prior queries. I posted the question via eBay as well. My bad.
    1. tmitchell59
      Ok, sent you message through ebay. jacket is here too
      Jan 28, 2019
    2. tmitchell59
    3. Claybertrand
      Terry, I am interested in your Oakbrook. I'm 5'11"-6'0" 170. Your prices are different on eBay vs here in FL. Perhaps the eBay is a mark down to move it. I'd be willing to do the eBay terms ($75+$15 shipping=$90 total) here within FL if that is doable. Saves you on some fees. Or should I just buy thru eBay?? Let me know what works best for you. Not sure you can pull it at this time.
      Jan 28, 2019
  14. Claybertrand
    Claybertrand tmitchell59
    Hey, I happened upon your 44 Sears Oakbrook on eBay. Do you have Laying Flat measurements for it???
  15. Harley117
    F*ck stock :)
  16. Sonero
    Sonero Seb Lucas
    You were extremely helpful in helping me choose the right size Alpha M-65 jacket. I really appreciate it. THANK YOU.
  17. Big Man
    Big Man HadleyH1
    I haven't seen you around here in a while. Where have you been?
  18. Vintage Missus
  19. Signor Duke
    Signor Duke
    I'll open with a Hundred
  20. The one from the North
    The one from the North
    What would Hemingway do?
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