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  1. indyhan
    indyhan EstherWeis
    hello Esther. It's been a very loooong time since last time we spoke. I was wondering : are you still in the hat making business ? if so, do you do reblockings ? let me know. i've got an old hat that shrunk after being drenched. I'd like to bring him back to its past glory.

    have a nice DAy
  2. Nolagurl1956
    Nolagurl1956 Kopfhanger
    Hi, Im embarrassed to admit I have no idea how to use a forum. I posted a question earlier this morning and it looks as if you might've replied but if so I cant find it.
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    2. Kopfhanger
      That makes two of us, I can not find it either.
      Aug 4, 2021 at 7:57 AM
  3. decojoe67
    After 40 years collecting I am very selective buyer now, but always looking!
  4. Digious Solutions
    Digious Solutions
  5. 1939Billy
    1939Billy js184
    Aero jacket is in excellent condition, very lightly worn. I paid $450 but I understand it’s been worn etc.
  6. Lobo Rojo
    Lobo Rojo
    Kickin' hats and takin' names.
  7. Lobo Rojo
    Lobo Rojo
    Dio no.
  8. Andrew Putnam
    Andrew Putnam
    Loving life, living free.
  9. kitlslovers
  10. Styleslover
    Let’s rock!
  11. kiltformens
    kilt for men and wpmens kilt tarton
  12. Vintagevillagecowboy
    Vintagevillagecowboy Powerband
    Sir campus jacket for sale
  13. Stone Lamar
    Stone Lamar ksunnyh
    Is your Joe McCoy Car Coat or Oklahoma still on the market?
  14. Stone Lamar
    Stone Lamar Knakorn Piulueangsawat
    I can give you 1200 for your slick Real Mccoys black jacket.
  15. Pradeep Neupane
  16. Knakorn Piulueangsawat
    Knakorn Piulueangsawat jerez
    Hi, I'm interest in the Real Mccoy deerskin. May I ask if its still available?
  17. Knakorn Piulueangsawat
    Knakorn Piulueangsawat jpk_NJ
    Hi, is the Aero speedy dustbowl still available?
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  18. Knightimer
    Knightimer Christopher Randall
    I'm looking at the olive JL combats. I usually wear a 10 1/2. I've never owned a JL. Do they fit smaller or true to size?

    P.s. I had the same 79 Camaro Z28 as yours, mine was brown. It had a t-top. I changed the hood to an 1981 Z28 hood. I loved it. However, I have never seen that color before. Was it custom painted? I have fond memories of that car.
  19. George mackenzie
    George mackenzie polloelastico
    Hey there!
    Super interested in your y’2 type 2 indigo horse jacket! Hit me up!
  20. Candice Wurster
    Candice Wurster 59Lark
    Hi there I was directed to you in need of a sewing machine! do you sell any currently?
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