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    Aero Long Half Belt Standard Measurements

    @Grayland thanks so much. That would be greatly appreciated.
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    Aero Long Half Belt Standard Measurements

    Does anyone have an Aero Long Half Belt in a size 36, 38 or 40 that they'd be able to provide the standard measurements (i.e. shoulders, pit to pit, etc) for me. 5 years ago I purchased a LHB in size 36, removed the back gussets but added shoulder gussets to maintain a slim profile but still...
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    FS: The Flat Head Single Riders Jacket

    wow that looks amazing. wish it were my size. GLWS
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    Opinions on Fit

    @MrProper @TooManyHatsOnlyOneHead i agree with you and had already reached out to Stuart about this, unfortunately, he said there is nothing he can do to the jacket to resolve the flaring issue.
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    Opinions on Fit

    Thanks, much appreciated .... agreed it's infinitely better than the 40R. I'm a bit on the fence though, I think in some aspects I could probably go down one more size, but I think it would be too tight across the back and would jeopardize functionality. guess I'm just looking for validation...
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    Opinions on Fit

    So .... i agreed with the general consensus of the forum that the originally purchased HEMI 40R was too big. In speaking with Stuart, he felt sizing down to a 38R would be the perfect fit, with the addition of tapering about 1" at the waist. I just received the LW Hemi in a size 38R and would...
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    WTB Aero Premier Highwayman Black FQHH

    I have a black premier highwayman in a size 40, excellent condition. Let me know if you are interested and I can get pictures and measurements.
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    Opinions on Fit

    first and foremost, thank you all for viewing my pictures and for providing your thoughts, opinions and suggestions. I greatly appreciate those who provided their own experiences, as well. I absolutely agree that this jacket is far too big, at least 1 to 2 sizes too large. I've been speaking...
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    Himel Bros Canuck, size 42 (revised)

    wow ... if the pictures attached are you wearing the jacket, I've got to say it looks like the jacket is a perfect fit. It looks amazing. How tall are you, what's your weight and what size suit do you usually wear?
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    Opinions on Fit

    Greeting all. I haven't been on the forum for quite some time ... I've been out of the custom leather jacket scene for a bit. I've collected a closet full of ill fitting jackets and the struggle to find the right fit had slowly beaten me down to the point where I questioned whether I am...
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    Bates Cafe Racer

    Can you confirm the p2p measurements. I find it odd to have 18” shoulder width, with only a 17” p2p. Thanks.
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    Vanson CHP Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    yeah, thank you. it truly is an awesome jacket. will be sad to see it go, but I got to get my knees back in the breeze.
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    Vanson CHP Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    It is tagged a 38 but honestly I would recommend going by the true measurements. This is the Thurston model Vanson CHP. I purchased it for cool weather riding and it provides plenty of room for layering. It's a sweet jacket and someone will be very lucky to own it!
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    Vanson CHP Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Excellent Condition ... Check it out. Will make deals with Forum members. Hit me up! Trying to clear out my jacket collection, so I can raise $ for a deposit on a motorcycle ... I sold my last motorcycle earlier this year and have regretted it ever since! https://www.ebay.com/itm/162746901149
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    FS: Thedi Shawl Collar

    The jacket is black steerhide ... but has a very very dark brow undertone, almost taking on the color of what you are wearing. If I were to wear black, it looks black, earth tones draw out the dark brown in the leather. Per Carrie @ Thurston Bros. this is attributed to every manufacturer...

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