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    Why Should I Buy A Vanson?

    When I visited the Vanson showroom, Kim explained the weird luxury tax for apparel. Basically anything over $175 dollars you will pay taxes on the amount above $175. Very confusing! Here is an excerpt of the MA Gov. website: https://www.mass.gov/guides/sales-and-use-tax#-apparel-&-fabric-goods-
  2. f2002q

    JL repro of a brando jacket

    Wow, that's A M A Z I N G !!!
  3. f2002q

    Friends of the good old leather-belts!

    After seeing this thread and all the cool belts, I had to have one of my own. A real, beefy, no-holds-barred trouser holder/defensive weapon. I contacted Scott from https://www.dontmournorganize.com/ and over email we discussed my requirements. I gave him my measurement from the fold of the...
  4. f2002q

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    You guys are blessed with the good genes. In college I had an A2 in size 42. Then I moved up to a G1 in size 44. Some mofo stole it and I took a hiatus from leather. Now I’m in a size 48 and that is with a strict diet and very frequent exercise just to maintain. .
  5. f2002q

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    Wow, those look like bullet-proof vests! That Appalachian looks even better when modeled that on the website.
  6. f2002q

    Fox Creek -A Versatile Riding Jacket

    Congratulations that jacket looks amazing for what you paid for it. It looks purpose built for riding, but you can wear it out of the bike also. I have a pair of elk gloves from them and they are the best.
  7. f2002q

    My first trucker!

    Wow, that looks amazing!!! Looks like it could stop a bullet!!
  8. f2002q

    U.S. 1 Leathers

    When we went in the store, there were quite a few bikers either getting a riding leather, getting patches put on their existing jacket or vest, or just looking around. We had to wait our turn until the staff finished. It's definitely pretty small mom and pop shop, but the stuff seemed to be of...
  9. f2002q

    U.S. 1 Leathers

    My better half got a custom sized jacket (from a house pattern) at US1 leathers and both the service and price were excellent. She didn't want a heavy cow skin, but something easy wearing. She even got to pick the lining fabric. They took about 3 weeks to make the jacket for her. We were...
  10. f2002q

    Can a older men wear a motor( double rider) jacket As a fashion jacket?

    My view is that you should be able to wear what you want as long as it makes you feel good. However, I chose the Vanson CHP because it has less "stuff" in the front and it still looks like a badass cross-zip, especially the thick black leather and brass hardware. By the way, I'm not the...
  11. f2002q

    Is this jacket defective?

    To be honest, I like the fit of the 32 better. The 34 seems a bit big.
  12. f2002q

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Congratulations, it looks awesome. Fit is nice and tight !!!
  13. f2002q

    Vanson custom jackets

    Wow, this jacket is Killer. Congratulations, and I'm sure it's a head turner when worn.
  14. f2002q

    Vanson custom jackets

    After buying 2 Vanson jackets by going to their showroom and having them make changes, I would go through Thurston if there is a next time. Having an intermediary is a good thing, looking at @Leadfoot success.
  15. f2002q

    Logan's Close X2 Vanson fit check

    I think it's a bit too tight, but I like them loose so I can wear an underlay. I like those long zippers in the sleeves, so cool!!!

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