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  1. herringbonekid

    1920s suits

    Kabel, not sure which scans you're referring to, but i know that small Japanese companies like Django Atour and Adjustable Costume have made early 20s inspired jackets and suits in the recent past, but i don't know what is currently available from either, and they're not easy to order from due...
  2. herringbonekid

    Sprezzatura vs trying too hard.

    i disagree; i'm of the "much effort to achieve the appearance of effortlessness" school. think of a painter such as John Singer Sargent who would scrub out a whole face if it looked too laboured and re-do it until it looked as if it had been done quickly and effortlessly. think of classical...
  3. herringbonekid

    Sprezzatura vs trying too hard.

    not a mistake. it was a look in the late teens-early 20s to wear trousers off the shoe (with about 1" of sock showing), and it's a look again.
  4. herringbonekid

    Sprezzatura vs trying too hard.

    good points Patrick. the long necktie back blade trend irritates me beyond belief. it was probably original once, but ALL the modern bespoke crowd do it, so it's just become a cliché. it makes me want to write to a necktie manufacturer like Drakes and beg them to shorten their tie designs by...
  5. herringbonekid

    White formal gloves with black back seams?

    these are from Charles William Stores Inc. catalogue, Fall-Winter 1920-21:
  6. herringbonekid

    Show us your TIES

    that Sulka's an interesting one with the spots on stripes. i can't work out what is going on with the Mash Tie.... is that the lining visible through a mesh front ???
  7. herringbonekid

    Show us your British suits

    another Burton's, CC41 labelled suit i sold recently:
  8. herringbonekid

    The Thread to Display Your 1930s Suits

    Nik, you've been doing some serious vintage suit buying in the last few years ! i particularly like the Krett & Sons one.
  9. herringbonekid

    The summer wardrobe

    and even more casual '40s-ish look for slumming it:
  10. herringbonekid

    The summer wardrobe

    i never look as smart as Nik does in the summer months... i tend to look a bit rumpled. i go for a British early '20s sports look. i have a whole collection of photos of that period of men in cricket / college wear etc that i look at for inspiration. these are from last year but the look hasn't...
  11. herringbonekid

    The summer wardrobe

    Nik (Rabbit), you're an inspiration, you really are.
  12. herringbonekid

    Recreating hard-sided luggage

    they're basically fibreboard (i have one which says on a label inside: 'genuine compressed fibre') ... so some type of wood / paper / cellulose mix. the interior is simply printed paper, glued on. i agree with Stanley that the exterior is some sort of oilcloth or fake leather material, probably...
  13. herringbonekid

    Gentlemen, show us what you've made!

    please feel free ! i'm glad you're pleased with it, and i didn't realise you were a FL member (unfortunately some of us old timers don't post much here anymore).
  14. herringbonekid

    Show off the sports coats.

    i definitely prefer the slightly neater fitting Brit jackets on you Nik. i think i nearly bid on that green windowpane one, but can't remember the story. it's a beauty, as is the peaked lapel beneath it.
  15. herringbonekid

    1940s worsted flannel suiting fabric

    yes. i've just messaged you.

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