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    Uneven grain

    It's up to you, but I personally like the looks of the leather on your jacket, Rpr. I prefer uneven grain, and mismatched hides on a jacket, it gives more character in my opinion. Ken
  2. Kennyz

    NOS 1910-1920 Shirts in the Box!

    That's amazing, Xopher! What a find! Ken
  3. Kennyz

    Garment Bag for Suits

    Hi, Has anyone found any breathable Garment Bags for suits to protect them from dust, moths, etc. that you could recommend? Thanks :) Ken
  4. Kennyz

    (KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

    Thanks for the link de Stokesay, interesting stuff! Ken
  5. Kennyz

    (KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

    This knife is massively cool, de Stokesay - it's a fine reproduction to the originals! Ken
  6. Kennyz

    Five Star 1930's Cossack Premium Seal Goathide 42

    It won't fit me, but thats a cool jacket - Five Star makes some great stuff! GLWTS Ayeteael. Ken
  7. Kennyz

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    Fantastic jacket! Congratulations, Ton312. Ken
  8. Kennyz

    Hats of the new HBO Perry Mason Series

    I don't know about the cool hats, but the series looks great. Ken
  9. Kennyz

    Russet Horsehide US Authentic A-2, 42R

    Still available, and reduced to $265 + $14 shipping! Ken
  10. Kennyz

    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    Very useful information, GHT - thank you. By the way, you look really sharp in that trench coat! Ken
  11. Kennyz

    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    That is a GREAT tip!!! Thank you, Doctor Damage. :) Ken
  12. Kennyz

    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    I searched ebay in the USA and a few "Austin Reed of Regent St" coats came up - but nothing like Ariel's. I'll have to keep checking from time to time. Thanks again for the info, Doctor Damage.
  13. Kennyz

    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    Thank you, Doctor Damage - not sure how I missed that. Ken
  14. Kennyz

    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    Nice! You look fantastic in that, Ariel! Can I ask, what Brand of coat is that? Ken
  15. Kennyz

    Welcome Peacoat Behind the Bar!

    Congratulations Peacoat - This is very well deserved! Ken

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