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    Hat making?? Learning Millinery..

    Hi Darrell - As you spend more time on the site, you'll note that 10 or more of us are hat makers. Several of us have our own custom hat business, as well. It takes time to learn all the techniques but it's worth the effort. I even got my daughter making hats (stellarandsun.com) We have...
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    Garrahan Hat Co.

    Rob is amazing! As a fellow custom hat maker who lives about 5 minutes from his shop, I can personally attest to their professionalism and dedication to making a great hat! Rob has assisted me whenever I've needed a hand with a project and he and his staff are the best! If you find yourself...
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    Stetson pulls products from HatWRKS Over Vaccination Controversy

    I haven't replied to mich these past months but this one struck me as odd, for lack of a better adjective. I understand what message they are trying to convey but don't clearly see the correlation. One has really no relation to the other. This really was a marketing strategy gone astray...
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    I just attended a hat making class...

    Time does truly fine work and it appears that you have a good understanding of his principles. I wish you all possible success if you continue in this endeavor!!
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    New "How to make a bow" TUTORIAL by FORTINO37

    Thanks jlee! The one I saw was a red hatband (I think) and it was a two piece. That said, the one Tim did IS great!!!
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    New "How to make a bow" TUTORIAL by FORTINO37

    Someone out there did film a hatmaker creating a 2 piece grosgrain ribbon hatband (either Instagram or FB). I tried to find it, but for the life of me I can't locate it. If any of you guys come across it. Put the link up on this thread please. Right now, I do all of mine in three piece.
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    Sewing in a sweatband

    I agree with the last couple of replies. I get a fair number of used hats for refurbishing and have only seen one hat with damage to the crown. That hat was inexpensive to begin with, old, and WELL worn. I too think the issue was most likely poor quality manufacturing (Heavy thread tension)...
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    List of Custom, made-to-order, Fur Felt Fedora hatmakers and hatters

    Hi guys! Just checked the thread. It's been awhile for me to pop in for a lot of good "Real Life" reasons. Looks like the thread went a little sideways and then back on track, but to add my take, a lot depends on where you live. Out here in SoCal, we have several really good hatters...
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    Sunrise Hat Company felt (nutria) and hatters’ tools

    Thanks for the recommendation! I got contacted by them awhile back but wasn't making hats at the time as I was working full-time. Now that I have time on my hands again (thank you CoVid-19) I need to reach out. I need to get some swatches and see what they have in the way of inventory. Much...
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    Show us your flat brim hats . . . .

    I'm starting on another Urban Nights for a female client this week. This one is a definite flat brim...
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    Sunrise Hat Company felt (nutria) and hatters’ tools

    Sounds like you've worked with the felt. What do you think? As a hatter that creates mostly Western styles, I'm curious... Do you feel they'd be suited for a Western style? Thanks!
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    Making a New Hat

    Smithbilt doesn't ring a bell. I'll look into them for reference sake. Hope all's well with you!
  13. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Making a New Hat

    Yep. He's one of my vendors and super reliable!!
  14. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Making a New Hat

    Hmmm . I'm I wrong? I could have sworn JW passed and sold the business.
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    Question: The lowdown on Palm Leaf hats...

    Not all straw hats are palm straws. Palm straws, like Sunbody are extremely durable. I have a couple that are in excise of 15 years old and they still look and wear well, even after a couple of reshapes. Palm and Panama, if I recall, are the only two I'm AWARE of that haves these qualities...

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