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    FS: Rivetts London Goatskin Perfecto Sz 40

    Clicking his FS’s gets a little dangerous!
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    FS: Rivetts London Goatskin Perfecto Sz 40

    Bump! My pic doesn’t do it justice, check out the original listing for some droolers!
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    FS: Rivetts London Goatskin Perfecto Sz 40

    Original listing, with a bunch o’ stellar pictures and info, below: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/sold-80s-rivetts-london-goatskin-perfecto-size-40.106140/#post-2873327 Only addition to original write up is that the key pocket bag needs repair. $200 +shipping
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    Pegasus Luftwaffe Horsehide size 42

    Great pics!
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    Scam Alert

    Being New in Town myself I recognize my opinion draws no water, that said, the confirmation of a successful sale is recorded and is helpful when eyeing up your dance partner. I’ve completed two transactions here over the past few months and each of them started with a little seller recon. Not...
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    Harro CZ 40/50 £65

    Yep, that’s a great jacket!
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    Harro CZ 40/50 £65

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    Harro CZ 40/50 £65

    Would love to see some fit pics for this one. Looks sick!
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    Vanson chopper for sale - $600

    Just confirming receipt of jacket for a New in Town. @Sask.Rider was a peach, accurate description, immediate shipping, the works. Very appreciated! Not a great fit with a burly commando sweater but hey, easy pill to swallow.
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    New Scammer

    I’m new to this forum so this may have already been batted around, but have any established members acted as middle men? Say, receive 5% to hold buyers cash and not release to seller until it’s been confirmed delivered? Lotta trust and responsibility required of course. Perhaps some legalities...
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    New Scammer

    In response to a WTB (yes, I am the fool who listed a size) a brand new user, fedoralover21, requested I go through email and proceeded to send me the Thurston-Bros website pics, claiming he took them a few weeks ago but was out of town so unable to verify possession. Keep your eyes peeled folks.
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    WTB - Vanson cross zip, 40ish

    Title says it all, anyone got anything black in good shape they’re interested in parting with?
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    Bronson Mfg

    Chinese made items are not inherently inferior, nor are their working standards or environmental impact. Being mindful of where we drop our dollars is always important, regardless of where it’s manufactured. There are too many ethical, environmentally conscious, talented makers overseas to...

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