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    Vanson - Harley Davidson Cycle King size Large

    Hi - Are the sleeves lined in the same wool as the body?
  2. ParkerFM

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Please excuse my ignorance, but are Aero jackets now available to order with YKK zips?
  3. ParkerFM

    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    These are marketed under different names in different parts of the world - in the States they are marketed by Revi Bikes as the Cheetah, and also by Wicked Thumb Electrocycles. Here in NZ they are sold by Boost Bikes as the Scout. With a bit of badge engineering, mine presents as a Bonneville...
  4. ParkerFM

    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    My urban transport.
  5. ParkerFM

    Any original Buco J-100 experts?

    Australian? Herbert James "Burt" Munro was a kiwi...
  6. ParkerFM

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    My standard Raider is longer in the front than this, and the bottom of the D type pocket is complete and contained above the bottom edge of the jacket- this may be a factory custom? Beautiful grain.
  7. ParkerFM

    Thedi Leathers leather

    The aged cognac buffalo is amazing IMHO: http://www.teamgiant-ne.ch/herren-bekleidung-thedi-lederjacke-buffalo-cognac-59umjv05j.html Hi - has any member any purchasing experience of the teamgiant-ne.ch site? The prices seem unbelievably cheap....
  8. ParkerFM

    Source for zippers needed

    Hi - I've bought Riri zippers from http://www.pacifictrimming.com/ - they cut to size and offer a range of different pullers.
  9. ParkerFM

    Looking for a source for tartan linings.

    I chose Menzies Black and White - I'm a sucker for classic black and white. My local leather jacket maker built me a Bootlegger influenced jacket about 6 months ago, and I suppied 2 metres of a wool tweed to line it with. It worked out great, so I purchased 2 metres of the Menzies Tartan to...
  10. ParkerFM

    Looking for a source for tartan linings.

    I'm waiting on delivery of a length of tartan from Canadian supplier GK Textiles: (www.wooltartan.com) so that I can have a Vanson Enfield I have purchased through Ebay relined. The ordering process couldn't have been smoother - I'm ordering from New Zealand - Gordon Kirkbright answered all my...
  11. ParkerFM

    FS: Johnson leather jacket

    I will have sent to a USA address if all works out - Cheers.
  12. ParkerFM

    FS: Johnson leather jacket

    Hi - I'm keen to see photos - have sent you an email - Cheers.

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