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    Fit check on Eastman Roadster

    Eastman do make Long sizes but its hard enough to find a regular size on the secondary market let alone a L
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    Y’2 Leather Fit did I miss the mark?

    It looks fine and is probably the best "looking" fit you will get but your arms, especially the pits shouldn't hurt! I doubt that will ever go away, too may seams/leather coming together, thats never going to stretch. As someone who has battled against more than a few tight fitting jackets in...
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    Aero Board Racer after first one was too tight

    Ask Carrie about speccing the Cafe Racer pattern to look like a board racer. It is roomier in the shoulders and has deeper arm holes which are both features needed if this is something you want specifically to layer under. You will just need to add 0.5inch or so to the sides to even out the...
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    <<< age appropriate jackets >>>

    Have you seen what the average person "out there" wears??!! Just wear something that fits and you are beating 80% of the population already. and your going to worry what "they" think..
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    Aero Bootlegger Fit Check - too short?

    If you can get a remake, I'd recommend that with 1 inch added. Now you've seen it, that's all you will ever see and it will end up on the classifieds section in a few months.
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    Has anybody seen ____ around Lately?

    I still pop in, in lurk mode once a fortnight or so but my Good Wear fiasco really killed my passion for jackets, I've been thinking about selling off a heap of them. Plus my little kids daycare is closed due to covid and I'm trying to juggle him at home all day and a promotion at work. This is...
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    Brooks Gold Label Cafe Racer Repro

    The Brooks do run small for the tag size. I think mines a 42 or even 44 and its trim. Having owned (still own) a Brooks and having had more Aero BR and CR than I care to count they are just VERY different despite looking similar. Honestly, if you like the Brooks, buy a Brooks. You'll save a...
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    Any experience with Suede baracuta G9?

    I’ve been after a suede jacket for ages. Has anyone handled a suede Baracuta G9 or even better own one? What’s the quality and sizing like? I’m thinking of getting the dark brown (tobacco?)
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    CX FQHH or CX Steerhide?

    My 1 steer hide jacket broke in a lot faster than my many HH jackets, thus it looked a lot better a lot quicker....It could have just been a one off leather batch or might have been because it was a very slim BR jacket but thats my experience and recommendation. You can't really go wrong with...
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    Colorful cafe racer thread

    Navy Vicenza
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    Can we please discuss sizing of jackets please

    I think it depends on how critical you are on the fit of the jacket. If you aren't obsessive you can probably get away with just relying on the P2P and can "make do" with how the rest of the jacket fits after that but if you are much more particular then clearly you will need to know more. In...
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    Bootlegger or Sheene

    Sheene or if you have the fit nailed on the HH, why not a 50's half belt? Similar enough to the Sheene but no guesswork needed on the fit!
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    Is it ok to negotiate and/or offer less than the listed price? What qualifies as a low ball offer?

    I disagree @Blackadder. If the guy said at the beginning I have a few questions first but would you take $200 for it, there wouldn't have been a problem. I would have just said no sorry, like I have a number of times before and thats that. Instead he asked a question, I got back to him, he...

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