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    FS The Real McCoys Roughwear B3 size 42

    No longer for sale
  2. Robbie79

    Grizzly Jackets: A Fedora Lounge Guide

    I saw the RC Shawl collar one also on Buyee but the sizing seems to be strange as size 36 seems to be bigger than it is supposed to be (maybe a mistake by the seller). I‘m pretty sure that Aero can still make this one if you ask Ken directly. But now I want exactly your Grizzly but I‘m not sure...
  3. Robbie79

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    You can't go wrong with an Aero Trucker made of rust goat suede! I love mine: I chose Troy Mills blanket lining - here you go: @ton312 Congrats - it looks amazing and perfect fit! I fully agree with you in all points and was ofter considering another jacket made of this leather since I...
  4. Robbie79

    Grizzly Jackets: A Fedora Lounge Guide

    Tha Congrats! That's one the most beautiful Grizzlies I've seen to date. It looks great on you and this combo is so nice. Btw. last year in February I was discussing with Ken Calder (Aero) about following shal collar Grizzly. He recommended Rust Mouton and their new brown Kelpie HH. A...
  5. Robbie79

    Freewheeler Centinela Sizing Question

    I don’t believe that as I would swim in a size 44 with my 41“ chest. Either the seller made a mistake or it’s a fake….
  6. Robbie79

    Freewheeler Centinela Sizing Question

    Here are the measurements of my size 40 Centinela - I have a 102-103cm chest with thin shirt and it fits tight (as it should fit) and perfectly. I bought it from Genco Japan. Not sure if it helps but good luck...
  7. Robbie79

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    @ton312 Congrats. That's a lovely jacket. Their rust goat suede is wonderful, very soft mid-weight and nice smell. I love it on my Type III.
  8. Robbie79

    Photos of cool jackets owned by others (non-brand specific)

    I want it so badly....if there weren't the price tag. The Persimmon tanned horsehide looks lovely.
  9. Robbie79

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Vintage WW2 French Canadienne Barnstormer with Shearling lining. If it wasn't too big I would bid on it. https://www.ebay.de/itm/334564369486?hash=item4de597244e:g:P2QAAOSwYyZjHO7f
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    Field Leathers

    Yes, that's true but maybe he has some deerskin left for your Peter's jacket as he obviously confirmed your order. Maybe you are lucky - fingers crossed! Yes, I was also a bit astonished about his price increase since these are prices for standard patterns which will be available in the future...
  11. Robbie79

    Field Leathers

    Moreover Greg is planning to release 15 new styles in early 2023. Price range for these will be approx. 1200-1400 GBP depending on how complex the style is.
  12. Robbie79

    Field Leathers

    I was talking to Greg today and he told me that he decided not to offer deer anymore because the first batch wasn'Tt to the same standard of the sample he got. Therefore he will focus on Shinki HH for now.
  13. Robbie79

    FS: Vanson Leathers CHP2 Size 42 - $350

    Thanks - way too big for me. GLWS!
  14. Robbie79

    FS: Vanson Leathers CHP2 Size 42 - $350

    What’s the jacket measurements as I‘m not familiar with Vanson measurements? Where is it located? Europe, US, Asia? Thanks
  15. Robbie79

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    @Peacoat Thanks very much - in this case I obviously searched for the wrong ones. Now this is definitely an option.

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