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    FS: Lost Worlds jackets 48 to 50, moose, elk, HH

    Can you please post a back picture of the cream Buco? Thanks
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    Uneven grain

    I have taken some pics. The grain is uneven but the leather is not thinner on the more grainy areas. I believe some people call this grain rivulet grain, kind of like water flowing through rocky terrain. From my observations these couple of days i realized this grain plays a lot with the light...
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    Uneven grain

    Hello Gentlemen I have just received my eastman elmc G1 horsehide jacket after getting lost in transit for almost three weeks but finnally it arrived. The jacket has very uneven and creased grain in the front panels and it seems to be less resistant when i thouch those parts. I have not taken...
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    Hello . I am interested in the A2 you are selling. Are you from USA or EU?

    Hello . I am interested in the A2 you are selling. Are you from USA or EU?
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    TROPHY CLOTHING Humming Bird Jacket HORSEHIDE Black

    Hello Gentlemen, i am a new member and i am infected with the fine leather jacket virus. I recently got my first horsehide japanese jacket the double helix innovator and i am very happy with it. And even though i am not experienced with these type of jackets i was very impressed by the quality...

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