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  1. Sam Craig

    Sanitizing used hats?

    That's what Lucky Strikes used to claim, too .... I am terrified at the thought of athlete's scalp I lost a good friend in college that way. He'd bought a great old dark brown beaver top hat ... this was in the '70s ... and he wore it day and night at all the draft-dodgin' protests ... the...
  2. Sam Craig

    How do you apply your brimmed hat?

    I live in Kansas. Land of the South Wind. OK? So I use a ratchet to adjust the surgical screws that go into my skull and keep the hat in place. Sheesh, how else do you put on a hat? Sam
  3. Sam Craig

    Hawaiian shirts and fedoras

    Way to go Lando! It IS getting to the season, all right. And that IS a terrific lid. Sam
  4. Sam Craig

    The International Wool Felt Consortium

    OK ,,,, Consider, those of you who are old enough that you were wearing hats, especially western hats, at the time ... the impact the "Urban Cowboy" craze had on American hats. The market peaked. Prices skyrocketed. Quality plummeted. Every one who was buying off the shelf hats made in America...
  5. Sam Craig

    The International Wool Felt Consortium

    Yeah, well, consider the women in fur coats with red paint thrown on them .... We each have a dead animal on our head ... I'm just sayin' the right celebrity is bound to take up the cause. It's just a matter of time. Sam
  6. Sam Craig

    The Conversion Corral

    Resistols and the Dobbs Westward both make up into great fedoras, though after working with both and with several generations of Stetson ORs, I have come to appreciate the Akubra Campdrafts and Bushman even more. The early ... 40s and 50s ... ORs are great ... when you can find them, which is...
  7. Sam Craig

    The International Wool Felt Consortium

    I was cuttin up on another thread about shaving fur ... rabbits, etc ... but all kidding aside, it would be wise for someone to come up with a way to work with wool to make a passable felt even if it costs close to fur. We are living on borrowed time and the only reason PETA isn't working to...
  8. Sam Craig

    Buckaroo Hat Bodies??

    One of the great things about Akubras is the knowledge that we are helping to control the Australian rabbit over population with each new hat we put on ... and if you've ever tasted pan fried rabbit, you've got another reason to own as many Akubras as possible. Rabbit-fil-a! Sam
  9. Sam Craig

    How many hats do you have...?

    One in the morning and a second after lunch, unless, of course, there's something to go out for in the evening. How many is that? Sam
  10. Sam Craig


    Nice looking hat and a great view. If it wasn't for that whole witness protection thing you could tell us what river that is in the background. I am checking with the ladies in Katoomba on the tan Capricorn in my size, so I should be able to get one here before the sweat starts to flow this...
  11. Sam Craig


    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I realize the only way to get a green one was to order and wait for a quarter of a year and my vanity won't allow for that. I have done a lot of business with The Hattery and the tan or gray would be great. I'm in the middle of Kansas where rain is not...
  12. Sam Craig

    Something I'm missing?

    I don't see no stars ... just tweeting birds Sam
  13. Sam Craig


    I'm thinking about ordering an Akubra Capricorn for office wear for this spring and summer. It looks like it would be an easy, fairly dressy straw that would go with lots of dressy casual stuff. Are they comfortable? Are they cool? Also, what are the greens like? I'd need to order one...
  14. Sam Craig

    Akubra Campdraft

    I chickened out on the diamond crease and went back with a c-crown, as I have done on my other two CDs, by Squatters and my Bushman. I don't know why ... it must have something to do with the shape of my head ... but a diamond crease always seems to end up too low in the back. They look good...
  15. Sam Craig

    any WOOL felt custom hatters?

    I probably shouldn't even raise this point, but I have been thinking about it ... so ... We all should expect, if more than just a handful of us ever start wearing hats again ... that in today's politically correct world we will see a movement to promote wool hats. Wool is taken from a live...

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