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  1. SimonR

    Real McCoy's Anj4 large size 42.

    Belive me John .... If I could I would - with the shearling I'd need a P2P of 23 and a bit I think ... still looking for one at a good price - an Irvin or B3 even - Looked at the Eastman on VLJ but the flaking put me off Simon
  2. SimonR

    Real McCoy's Anj4 large size 42.

    Excellent jacket and a good price ...... shame it is a size too small
  3. SimonR

    Aero horse hide Longshoreman

    I've just received my Longshoreman in black Goat with black shearling .... very nice it is too
  4. SimonR

    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    My new to me ride .........
  5. SimonR

    Get out the goats!

    No - standard leather as it will be used on the bike so thought that would wear better
  6. SimonR

    Get out the goats!

    Same here - just ordered a Longshoreman from Aero in black Goatskin .....
  7. SimonR

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Took the plunge and ordered a longshoreman in black goat .... excellent communication with Holly from Aero and she advised a 42" with added length to sleeve and back. Now to sit and wait Simon
  8. SimonR

    Wanted Aero Longshoreman / Thunderbay with Shearling Lining

    Thanks for taking the time Werner .... I think that it will be too big TBH - a 53" chest even taking account of the shearling would swamp me :) I'm sure it would be a great buy for someone on here as the price seems right Again thanks for the pictures and measurements Simon
  9. SimonR

    Wanted Aero Longshoreman / Thunderbay with Shearling Lining

    Hi Werner Yes I'm interested so some measurements when you get chance would be excellent !! Cheers Simon
  10. SimonR

    Wanted Aero Longshoreman / Thunderbay with Shearling Lining

    Afternoon Looking for a shearling lined Aero Longshoreman or Thunderbay to fit chest 44" .... ideally UK / Europe based but I do have a USA shipping address Thanks Simon
  11. SimonR

    Sold Vanson Model J jacket size 44 $200 shipped

    What a cracking touring jacket for the bike .......
  12. SimonR

    Ordering from the US using a shipping agent.

    I've used Stackry for years for different things and - touch wood - never had a problem Simon
  13. SimonR

    Men's Levi's Suede Leather Trucker Jacket - Tobacco - Size XL

    Absolutely superb vintage Levis suede trucker jacket in tobacco Minimal wear with perfect lining and all fasteners present - no musty smell or odours. Slight signs of use to inside hem of jacket and the same with the cuffs - consumate with age and use Measurements P2P 23" Arm Length straight...

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